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WW1 Artist Corporal Alan Wright Gloversville NY Writes in Book Paris 37 l'Opera A Heaven Wildflower
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The Stratton House Dewitt sold John Easterly Sarah
Stratton 1791 shillings. 257 acres, 7 at E State, Easterly Gloversville. Sir William Johnson bouerie
My g grandfather John Lawton (John Walker Delanoy
Bogaert Harris Lawton) gmothers side. Lawton 1700 Priscila Silsby Ipswich Mass Henry Silsby uncle
Gertrude A Carnrick was of an old NYS Adirondack
Mts wilds family of Arietta and believe Horton D Wright met her there on a wilderness outing.
My great aunt Daisy (Ellen) Lawton dau of my great
grandfather John Lawton was an Adirondack girl where Dr Maximillian Almy met and married.
My mother Jennie Wright gmother Marion Maloney
gfather James Anderson Dublin Odd Fellows Society. Cousin William Tecumpseh Sherman by Simon Hoyt
I do not know if she converted 1st Baptist.
"Charlotte" I do not know if that is a Jewish girls first name or not?
My mother says people believed Charlotte Jewish
or she did. However Gloversville people believe all women from NYC Jewish. Synagogue? Records!
Alans brother Ivan Wright said their father
Horton D Wright used to say only a jewish girl would marry Alan.
Paris December 28 Artist Corporal Alan Wright
WW1. Gloversville, New York 31 Kingsboro Ave
Tiwanaku ruins Bolivia. I took photo. There is a
village there with the catholic church built out of ancient tiwanaku stone. Altitude 13,300 feet.

                                                                                            The 73 E State St and Easterly Street Wright home 1989 in assessors office got somehow mixed up when it was built by about 90 years of time span. The assessor has it down for being built 1875 in records. In was in the office today January 13, 2012 and it will change that to being built before 1859. I have an old Fulton county map of my home being there drawn out when the map was drawn sometime before 1859 as Nathan Burr who owned the home still there today to the west of my home on the north side of E State Street at what is now 73 East State St and Easterly St is noted in a drawn out home on the map but dead before 1859 the year Uriah M Place owner sold my house drawn on the map with its farm for $2,700 to Peter Uriah M Place mentions Nathan Burr next house to the west deceased in the 1859 deed of sale to Peter McGrigor. Thus the map preceeds 1859. The next home to the east of my home on the north side of East State St is the Chedell dwelling still there today drawn in and named by the map maker. I have the Uriah M Place filed deed of 1859 to Steven McGregor. Also I have a copy of the 1860 Federal Census of the Steven McGreggor farm on the north side of now E State St and Easterly St with his many daughters and two sons both of who in one year would be of age for the Civil War, dwelling number 1035 on the north side of E State St now my home at 73 E State St. I am fortunate. 1875 is the year given generally for the beginning of Stump City (Gloversville) and any home old is thrown in that basket year 1875. However my house is pre Civil War and even much much earlier than that........years following the Civil War the Fisk family owned and occupied the home of McGrigor and Place and there 400 page hard cover genealogy states that it was the the home now 73 East Statae St corner of Easterly Street. That ends it. It is easy to research the home in Johnstown deed records from when Uriah M Place sold it to Peter McGrigor with 84 acres of rich farmland in 1859. It would be difficult to research the home back to an existing deed of Albany, NY when John Easterly purchased it in shillings 1791 from Dewitt of the mid Hudson valley, one of the first deeds in the special section of transcribed Johnstown NY deed book room, as confiscated property of Sir John Johnson son of Sir William Johnson British Administrator who built the home as his bouerie 1773 but perhaps not impossible.                                                                                             In his Gloversville NY obituary January 1949 of his death two weeks following a coronary it is mentioned that Alan Wright achieved real recognition as ability as an artist WW1 France.  That is the military apllication of sketching and color for purposes of analysis of camoflage. Until the Russian camera which provided true beautiful true to life color began appearing (in numbers very few) the two years preceeding WW1 the artist was a principle player in military warfare. And there were not nearly enough Russian cameras to go around in WW1, remaining still on the fringe a principal player. That is Alan Wright had gotten partially the technology boot being replaced as an artist by a camera which could do as good as he in terms of real color with greater efficiency. Year 1905 age 16 he advertizes as an accomplished bird oils artist ready to go on safari. And on his induction into the Army Fall of 1917 he gives his only occupation as artist. However his father had already told him that was not going to be as good a business with the development of the Russian camera. Technology was pushing him out. He was highly polished and handsome as such as you see the family venture below to purchase Jamaica banana land 1916 at a potential bargain with the newly invented refrigeration ships of Jamaica withdrawn to England to win WW1 a more profitable business. Land, oil, minerals was an important part of the family business at that time. Alans job was too provide polish and with his handsomness woo the wives of the sellers. All his life however he considered himself an artist.                                                                                               This poetry scrolling down by Alan Wright is purple. It is much the poetry of William Blake born 1795 in England his poem "To see the world in a grain of sand" changed ninety degrees to a war poem.  "To see the world as a piece of land" (Alan Wright)as a poem compliments "Les Miseralabes" that making it different at ninety degrees than poet William Blake. We must say that Alan Wright borrowed heavily on William Blake. Alan Wright at age of 16 advertized as an accomplished oils bird painter ready to go on safari (1905 six years before introduction of the Russian camera which took beautiful color photos) and this poetry by William Blake continues on introducing birds. Alan Wright would have known that Blake poem changing it to a war poem (war is eternal and everywhere and the words of Jesus heavens and earths will pass away but my words will remain) and also given his family experience in world land dealings. It is however in it central meaning different from Blakes poem. Much different although some would argue that. The poem is unquestionably an Alan Wright piece of poetry borrowing from the poet William Blake.; the second is;              the third; and the fourth (+ the fifth page for educationally enhanced education) is and  

At the time of WW1 and for some time thereafter his military records show that Alan Wright resided at 31 Kingsboro Avenue, Gloversville NY, these military records following the war to correct his military I.D. on his discharge papers to collect a large bonus, which he was subsequently awarded. This was the home of his father the honerable Horton D Wright Fulton County District Attorney and the honerable Mrs Horton D Gertrude Carnrick Wright the Fulton County DAR president, his wife. Following the death of Horton D Wright 1928 Gertrude and sons Ivan and Allan bought and moved to the pre Civil War georgian farm house built by the well to do Easterly family at 73 East State Street, Gloversville, NY. Still owned by family today. Scrolling down In 1916 there were potential bargains in banana lands Jamaica, as many ships from Jamaica with the new refrigeration the banana market depended on were withdrawn to England to fight WW1 accounting for the year 1916 the Wright family being in Jamaica (scroll down). Creating potential Wright investment land. H. S. Duperly Photographer of Jamaica made sets of very large photos of the fruit producing produce trees of Jamaica these photos purchasable in Jamaica stores. I have many of these kept. The signature of Gertrude Wright appears on each as a Wright  possession. To See The World As A Piece Of Land.   The words written by Alan Wright are far more important than my GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 40 to 50 million over the past decade which is nothing at all. As they will last forever. This is true whether they are his words or words he copied of another poet. The answer I do not know. This is really good. To answer this can somebody e-mail me at or write me James Franklin Lawton New York State Licensed Master Social Worker, 73 E State St, Gloversville, NY. 12078  There is nothing better than this in the world.                                                                                                               This is very good. I have no art ability and no poetry ability but do hold degrees from four universities and can recognize what is good. I descend on my mothers side from the immediate family of the artist Mica Williams but the talent for painting was not passed on.                                                                             Allen Wright, the true Knights Templar, a son of the prominent northern new york state lawyer and mason, Fulton County New York District Attorney Horton D Wright my step great grandfather. The War Department got him in his late twenties early Fall 1917 and he went over by boat to England and then France.                                                                                 In A SHROPSHIRE LAD by A.E. Housman copyright 1903 and 1909, he writes on the front page December 28, 1917 or December 28, 1918 (unclear which however both possibilities given the war records), "Paris, France December 28, 19__", and on the back page "to see the world as a piece of land". It continues on describing France "heaven in a wild flower to hold infinetly in the palm of your hand and eternally for an hour". He may have remained in France a relatively few weeks following wars end thus being still there December 28, 1918. He was discharged Camp Upton, N.Y. March 14, 1919. The front page is signed "Alan Wright". Of the date 1917 or 1918 the 17 or 18 is not there at the edge of the page although there is room for it .                                                                                             August 1, 1918 Meillant, France he was promoted  to corporal. He was inducted October 5, 1917. He returned safely to the states. His only occupation, skill or trade he gives on his war records is "artist". I do not know what kind of work in the army he did. I found his WW1 papers in a small unheated room next to the second level north smaller attic of my large home I own at 73 East State St, Gloversville, N.Y. His (all original) WW1 Army records and correspondence records with the war department were addressed to 31 Kingsboro Ave, Gloversville, N.Y. which was the home of his father Horton D Wright. His brother, Ivan Wright and Alan Wright, following the death of his father Horton D Wright in 1928, with his widowed mother, purchased the home here I now own and now live in at, 73 East State St., Gloversville N.Y. Alans war papers ending up stored away here at 73 E State Street, Gloversville in a portfolio. He gained the victory medal but was not eligible for the major combat medal as he did not serve in that capacity checking off on his military papers he did not qualify not seeing a major military combat. Alan Wright died in 1949 age 59 in Gloversville, NY. As to the paintings of Alan Wright remaining in the hands of his older brother Ivan Wright my step grandfather up to and including the year of his death 1963 none remain with the part of the family here. In the settlement of the considerable estate, in terms of personal items, my stepfather Horton Wright his son was only interested in his uncle Alans many expensive hand crafted bamboo fly rods and his sister Helen the daughter of Ivan was only interested in Ivans Mason ring. Earlier, niece Marge daughter of Helen came from California and visited her uncle Ivan here in Gloversville, N.Y. the summer of 1957 and also visited my families farm once when I was there. She may have then or at some time thereafter come into possession of some of her uncle Alans paintings as she was interested in his paintings.                                                                            Scrolling down to Alans photo below - earlier at the age of 16 he considered himself accomplished in oils in bird paintings. As to his request at that time with his ad in the Vol XXII Oologist as to his oils accomplishment in bird paintings I sincerely doubt he was chosen to join a bird group like the one Colonel Percy Fawcett returning to South America following WW1 an artillary Lt Colonel in France led into the remote amazon Mato Grosso. That expedition had to be called to a halt due to hardship on some. I note there is a Dick Dorr listed as living in Roseville, California and in 1962 my stepfather and mother visited Helen Wright Dorr in Roseville, California at the Dorr family home. They had a son Dick. He could know something about any of Alans Wrights paintings formerly retained by Ivan Wright. Or he may not. The family has retained none here in New York State. Dick Dorr may be the grandson of Joseph Mark Dorr of the Mohave desert and San Bernardino, California, the brother of Earl Dorr who discovered a "river of gold" near Pinto valley, California. It should be said that bird paintings were very popular not only with the population - as they still are - but the artist could sell them and earn money. Alan Wright also writes in the Oologist an article where in a swamp on the south of Gloversville N.Y. he flushed out two young sandpipers and their mother at a small pond managing to capture one of the young sandpipers which he released after examining its feet which were webless tossing it back into the pond, that although its feet were webless it could still swim. The editor noted below this was his observation also. This is in vol 22-23 of the Oologist and Alan Wright age 16 at the time. More than a decade following this article in the Oologist, now in his later mid 20's, he continues to give his occupation as artist on his WW1 induction papers noting no other occupational skill. There is evidence in his obituary the Army may have employed him as an artist. It is not clear. My mother age 99 has additional WW1 records of him but I do not want to bother her to search for them. There is the question of his ad age 16 as an accomplished bird painter in oils wanting assignment about seven years before the Russian camera which produced beautiful true to life color photos was introduced 1912. It could be gained on a very limited scale and how many the U.S. WW1 Army had is a question. Bird paintings in 1905 not only brought in ready cash but the artist on expedition whether local or in a far off land was an essential compliment to the camera. No expedition would think of not having an artist along. Times are rougher today for the artist given color photography and lessened demand. Alan Wright was age 16 in 1905 and a person could not get a real to life color photo even in Russia at that time. By the immediate few years before WW1 Russia had good color photos but one had to go to Russia for them. Color photos were not world inexpensive for some years. I am going to try to find out if the bird group expedition Colonel Percy Fawcett led into the remote amazon Mato Grosso immediately following WW1 employed Russian photography thus eliminating the artist. There is a question does color photography reduce artistic painting talent. No photograph is as beautiful as a oil or watercolor. In any case Alan Wright was willing and able age 16 in 1905 to go on such expedition as the Fawcett party expedition. But too young. And when he reached his early twenties there is the question was he needed. Exactly a half decade later with the coming into being at that time Russian photography Alan Wright may have chosen a different career.                                                                                                       My mother Jennie Ambler Wright now age 99 knew Alan Wright to speak to casually from time to time in the 1930's and 1940's. He was his mothers pet and never worked at anything Gloversville people would call work. The Wrights were a cut above the common Gloversville person. My mother knew better his artist wife specially imported from New York City at a very good money to work on gloves (at that time Gloversville was the glove making capital of the world all kinds of gloves the sky the limit in price). Alan Wright lived in the Brauer Apartments which were the Gloversville exclusive apartments, later towards age 60 moved in with his mother Gertrude Wright and brother Ivan at 73 E State St. Alan worked in the arts never at common labor. He was an avid sportsman who loved dry fly fishing. His wife married him thinking he had a lot of money it was said but it was his mother Gertrude who controlled it. He was a ladies man, gentleman, and extremely handsome. His wife left him eventually and moved back to New York City but they remained married. He died of a heart attack and his wife Charlotte came to his funeral and she thinks was given his expensive car. He was a member of the Gloversville First Baptist church. My mother has material on Alans WW1 service in addition to the official records I have. She was last talking to Alan Wright at Montgomery Wards Department store in 1948. He died January 8, 1949 surviving after his coronary two weeks. He was aware she descended from the family of artist Mica Williams. A few years after this she met my stepfather Horton Wright the nephew of Alan wright son of Ivan Wright                                                                                                      To See The World As A Piece Of Land. Wars in the world have come and gone. Nothing just happens.                                                                                                                             

Ivan Wright. Go my main page note the swing out
garage doors now roll up. Hon Mrs Horton D (Gertrude) Wright mother, Fulton Co DAR president.
The woman I think is Charlott wife of Alan Wright.
I find two photos of her in wedding dress but no name
Nation Jamaica cerca 1916 artist Alan Wright
escort to his mother the honerable Mrs Horton D Gertrude Carnwick Wright sitting behind her right..
Artist Alan Wright age 16 Oologist Vol XXll Ad CAN
Ironically returning artillary Lt Col France WW1
Col Percy Fawcett led bird group deep into amazon Mato Grosso. Great hardship on some forced stop.
There is some evidence Alan Wright received
recognition in the Army for his talent as an artist. Probably no more than civilian life.
Young Ivan Wright attorney at the beach with his
mother the honerable Mrs Horton D Gertrude Carnrick Wright.
"come mr tally man tally me banana day light come
me want to go home"
An H.S. Duperly studio of Kingston, Jamaica Girt
Wright purchased Jamaica store. Huge photos sets of Jamaica tree fruits and business
The refrigerated banana boat had just been
perfected when WW1 drew them to England leaving enough bananas spoiling to feed half the world
promotion of Alan Wright to corporal WW1
Meilant, France Aug 1, 1918
Alan Wrights book he wrote in Paris France WW1
to see the world as a piece of land heaven in a
wild flower to hold infinetly in your hand and eternally for an hour. Corporal Alan Wright Paris WW1
to see the world as a piece of land heaven in a
wild flower to hold infinetly in the palm of your hand and eternally for an hour WW1 Alan Wright
Honerable Horton D Wright prominent northern
nys lawyer, Fulton Co NY DA,, mason. Cornell U. Father of Ivan and Alan
Marge niece of my step grandfather Ivan Wright was
visiting at our farm day I walked in asked about brother bob said a little shit like him
Marge, friend Vicki Buano, Ivan Wright visited our
farm another time found on mantel photo during DA campaign Horton D Wright. Given to IVan.
For half a decade on Google Search Eng I have been

I am age 70 now and am going to buy a coffee finca somewhere along the Copan river in Honduras in the higher jungle rain forest along the Guatemala border. I am selling the house. I am retired now, age 70, having produced in the past decade more GDP (Gross Domestic Product in Medical Research than any other U.S. social worker and probably any other world social worker - forty through fifty million my first and second page standings over a decade on important areas of medical research Google Search engine. There are three ways to figure GDP. Two are the cheap ways where you simply add up money and believe that is the yearly increase of wealth. Syracuse University where I have a four year degree in business administration from recognizes they are cheap ways and can be very inaccurate but if you listen to the teaching of the Syracuse College of Business Administration and follow them in the personal sense there will be no errors to find. So do not use the expensive method III but stay with cheap methods I and II as since the U.S. has Syracuse University the U.S. has everything. The U.S. needs no more. But reading Forbes Magazine the U.S. needs both Syracuse University and it needs method III which China uses and it had better get busy on method III before China has purchased the U.S. Governor Andrew Cuomo in view of hurricane Irene has just initiated a get back to helping neighbor and production volunteer program free of wages that will add to GNP without salaries to add in. Method III includes this as well as value of the particular salaries in increasing yearly U.S. wealth. That is if the nations farmers all go to purchasing for their barns pure solid 24kt gold lightning rod insulators in a show of wealth competition added up in terms of an increas of wealth that is a lot of increase of wealth. But it is actually the opposite as farm machinery breaks down and sits unusable and market prices go soaring and money is lost. Methods I and II are totally moronic and non functional and depend totally on how well the nations colleges of business administration have taught their students. The recent banking problem we had during the George Bush Jr administration they did not do so well. Chinas method of using method III bring GDP wealth increase of 9% yearly and U.S. method I and II only 3% increase yearly. The universities are teaching poorly in the U.S. China does not trust them in China. It is simply that China uses the scholastic method and keeps its universities scholastic. Whereas the U.S. uses the foolish methods I and II and creates foolish university teaching. U.S. GDP treats poor streets and highways that take their toll on vehicles causing expensive repairs and frequent replacement as an increase in yearly national wealth as a lot of money is earned. In China it is treated as subtracting from GDP and street and highway supervisors go to prison if this is the case or end up on the streets tending to waste baskets. I am on lead pages for Google China. My pages on subject to type into the Google China search engine MEDICAL RESEARCHER FLU SOCIAL WORK and MEDICAL RESEARCHER FLU are on page one and two respectively of the China Google search engine. China only uses the Google top 80 ranked relavancy sites which means only the first eight pages ten sites to a page. They do not want to go the first 10 pages or first 100 pages. Bejing knows me because they read me. Medical research is an important GDP quantity in China.                                                                             I will continue on with some needed Chagas Disease research in Honduras (which could take me even into the Bolivia Pando as I remain in good health. If I could speak Portuguese and had more money I would go to the Brazil Amazon among the Kayapo indians who artfully farm the jungle. They are a group that is Chagas free. In fact all Amazon indians living in a pure primative state were Chagas free. It may simply be the smoke in their huts from their cooking fire or it may be a toss on of certain herbs and barks. Atonishingly no one knows. Difficult to believe but true. The Pando state of Bolivia is a poor mans area to research this question in. But I am assured by Bolivians it is still primative as indians living on the non primative periphery of amazon society have relatively high degrees of Chagas infection. The Pando is where the Abuna river runs into the Madeira river (Mamore river) just a relatively few miles north of Guaramerin, Bolivia - which incidently is where Sandra Bullock and Craig Scheffer made part of their movie FIRE ON THE AMAZON. Then a Major working for Bolivia as a surveyor Colonel Fawcett went down the Abuna with with indians calling it in his writings the most disease infested river in the Amazon, full of warlike indians and bandits. Approaching the Bolivia Mamore (Madeira) a few miles north of Guayaramerin at a place called Rio Negro he shot the world record Anaconda of 44 feet 700 pounds a snake the indians with him asked him not to shoot as anacondas that size if wounded can turn on the shooter. I made a special trip to Guayaramerin thinking the population if there was a herb or bark addable to cooking fires that would keep the Vinchuca vampire bug out that causes Chagas that they would know it. But I drew a blank. Thus it is necessary to go into the Pando as things are changing Brazil having just built a highway through the jungle west to Peru ten miles north of the Bolivia Pando state line. One of thirteen people who die in Bolivia year 2011 die of Chagas protozoa disease related problems. It causes in babies the highest number of crib deaths in the world. The Vinchuca is everywhere below the rareified air line of the high Andes to the ocean. Adults live about 15 years average with Chagas. And it causes crib deaths in babies even at altitudes where its wings function poorly to drop on a victum due to thin air. As it is transported up to these Andes altitudes in firewood and produce. But not many. The old dogs surrounding the John F Kennedy La Paz International airport in Al Alto at 13,300 feet are very spry. Not the case with many at lower altitudes. The Vinchuca because it is a vampire bug bulbous with blood can be smelled and must in dwellings have grass or thatch (or bark) to hide in to nutralize its scent from many enemies that want to make it a morsel. Below the snow line in the U.S. southern states the vinchuca bite used to cause as many deaths as it does year 2011 in Bolivia which is too poor for chemical spray contra of a synthetic or natural margarita flower neurotoxin. It is astonishing that this simple question of a herb or bark added to the indian hut cooking fire has never been researched. No one knows if it is an added herb or bark or simply the smoke from the wood cooking fire. This is astonishing. The answer if it is not simply the smoke from the cooking fire of any bark or wood or herb whould immediately save one out of thirteen of the Bolivia population from death. Another problem is development of Inhibitor medicines for the Chagas protozoa as there has been development for HIV inhibitor medicines to prevent the spread in the body of the HIV virus. As you have already read it is the dwellings of the poor the vinchuca vampire insect finds non hostile. Where people have no money very little is done to find cures or inhibitors medicines and this has been the case with Chagas down to present and remains the case.)                                                                                                     What I will do with these original war department records and other records as above including the book is donate them to the local historical-geneaology library in Fonda, N.Y. My mother Jennie Wright now age 99, last year 2010 donated a well written Wright and affiliated family genealogy including Horton D Wright the Gloversville NY lawyer to that library and I will have these papers attached to her donation as they are relevant to that genealogy and history.                                                                              On my fathers side the Lawton genealogy is in that library also of the elder Squire Lawton lumberman and lumber mill owner, tannery owner, justice of the peace, town supervisor and postmaster of Hope Falls, N.Y. in the Adirondack mountains. Which is basically the disposition over the years of his holdings following his death and who died intestate, recorded in the Lake Pleasant Hamilton County NY deed book room. With many heirs and holdings going to them, one which is his grandson, my great grandfather, John Lawton of Northville, NY.