Research Avian Flu H1N1 lp hp And Other Avian Flu

B.O. "Call it" "Your crazy mister! Making decisions on a coin flip". ."The coin is how I got here".
No Country For Old Men
My Book Coming Out THE OPAQUE SUBMARINE. Superior Medical Research First Decade Of The 21st Century.
Social Work Chagas Crib Death caused primative Amazon indians to change camp often. Here is Atlantis
I Bought This 772 AD Minted Vatican Coin Antigua Guatemala Zocalo I Donated San Francisco Mission
Three Records Take With Me As Farmer Rancher
To Retire Medical Research With Book Early 2013 Collection My Google Top Ranked Pages Past 13 Years
U.S. CDC Report Also For Evo Morales Homosexual Males 60,000% More HIV Than Heterosexual Males Today
All Virus Must Pick Various Body Cells To Grow In. HIV Picks The Soldier Scout T4 White Blood Cells.
Mother Died Mothers Day May 14, 2012 Age 100
U.N. To Nuke All World Coca Cola Plants by 2013. It Uses As Flavor Coca Plant Leaf Extract.
Health Journal - Big Botulism Bacteria Wheeze Can't Pass To Breast Milk. Mothers Tune In Tune Out.
I Am Glad To Be Going Guatemala Leaving The U.S. In Its Final Decline The Political College.
My Frontier Phone-Internet Server I Shut Off As Of 5/9/12. Now Cell Phone, Hotmail E-mail Guatemala
Pressure Cooker 121 Celsius Kills Baby Botulism Of Pipe Break Breast Milk Infect. Work Dr R Casanova
What Have They Done To My Song Ma
I Have Produced More GDP The Last 10 Yrs Than Any Other US Soc Wkr Medical Research $30,000,000.00.
Mathematically H5N2 Americas Bird Flu Is Probably As Dangerous As Asia H5N1. Not Dangerous To Many
40 Million Chinese Thousands of U.S. Tourists Carry Antibodies For H5N1 Bird Flu. Chinese Deaths 11.
H5N1 Limits Lethal Harsh Infection To Rare Few Genetics Prone Via Relatives In Home Coughing.
1918 Millions Nesting Geese Landed WW1 Warmed Killing Field Spitsbergen Leached Old Bird Flu Virus
Warwick Hughes Proved Beyond Reasonable Doubt Large Globe Not Overwarming But No Proof Upper Arctic
1918 Spanish Flu hospitals farm house parlor full of Dr spittal tobacco chaw 1917 vintage antibodies
As 1,000 nuclear warheads striking earth. To prevent lethal strain Spanish Flu need summer vaccine
Olmec Alphabet Veracruz Mexico 1000 BC. I Broke Code. Historical Alphabet It Has Some Of Our Letters
Sandra Torres Casanova Guatemala President Alvaro Colom Divorced 2011. Follows Attempt Brothers Life
WW1 Artist Corporal Alan Wright Gloversville NY Writes in Book Paris 37 l'Opera A Heaven Wildflower
Lucile Ball always mean to her mailman my stepfather Horton Wright
Crossing From Brazil On The Motor Boat I Took Photo A Spot Of Bullock-Scheffer In FIRE ON THE AMAZON
Bolivia Oil-Gas Movement La Paz. I Slipped Out On Roads Of Fire 3:00 AM
Google Search Eng Lead Pages Suggesting Honduras Does Not Have Flu Vaccine Get U.S.
After Reading This You May Not Want To Use Sangre De Drago Even If It Is A Good Medicine
Honduras 1984 HIV Study. Honduras Has Raised HIV Rates. US Heteros Lowered Homos Raised Criminally
Tunguska Was Piece of Enckes Comet Broken Off Directed Nature Or Prince Of Power Of Air, Either.
I Am Not A Homosexual No HIV And Also Want Top National Security To Enjoy My Social Security
Skewness Is Not Seeing What Should Be Seeing (Incomplete Report) Or Seeing It (Complete Report)
Hernan Cortes Put To Death Jew Puts Menstrual Wife Seclusion. What Do NY Senate-Cuomo HIV Sacrifices
Hetero males have anal sex with women. Their anal route not copulated dont have HIV to infect women
How Is HIV Virus Like Dandelion Seeds In Wind?
Sangre De Drago Has Mammal Antibodies?
How To Build Ivy Mike As Given By J Craig Wheeler. Father Helped Build 10 Megaton South Pacific
Will A Bottle Of Hannaford Coca Cola Cause You A Positive Test Reading For Cocain Use? It Will.
The Dark Ages Began 536 AD Volcanic Ash Atmosphere Caused In Europe No Shadow Except High Noon
H1N1, HIV, Malaria, Chagas all fission stop fissioning don't catch or don't die. Easiest with H1N1
Hernan Cortes Spaniards Against Aztecs Used Human Fat Medicine. "CONQUEST OF MEXICO" By Bernal Diaz
We Can Cut Off H1N1 Fissioning Points (Mexico City Subway) Will Not Run Out Of Elderberries (Israel)
This Mongol Mothered Pope Commissioned A Counsel To Determine If Jesus Presented Man Or Son Of God
Josephus Writes A Roman Cannon (Tube) Ball 70 AD Took A Mans Head Off And Knocked It 100s Of Yds
WW1 France Col P Fawcett Gained Reputation Artillery Not Sighting Flash But Sending Troops Up Poles
Cheryl Cole Has Caught Malaria But Not In Tanzania Malaria Season. Prevention is $3.00 mo. Ecuador
Only Place In World 500 Yr Old Africa Dance. Maj Percy Fawcett Passed It. The LOST WORLD Doyle
My Most Important Pages On Google Search Engine Pg 1 FLU HYPOTHESIS ORIGIN; FLU HYPOTHESIS
Rebecca Wood Presents The Number One Supermarket Cure 80% Of Osteoporosis. But Where Is It?
Condoms For HIV, Erotic Heterosexual Intercourse, Touch And Touch You Smote Yourself Anyway.
Year 2010 AD Launches Medicines Against White Blood Cell Macrophages HIV Infected As Well As T4 Cell
1999 I put the Abrams Tank W Africa HIV Studies 1981-84 back on world map. Medicine prevents HIV
Researchers far away on correct origin of 1918 lethal Spanish-Swine Flu. Must Give Vaccine August.
Hebrew-Phoenician World Maps About 1,000 B.C., Shows The Americas
All Flu Influenzas Begun One Year Cease Few Years. Viral LOAD Infecting Also Immunizing One Reason
A #1 world medical researcher in world swine flu H1N1(lp) is being fissioned Mexico City subway
Spanish Flu H1N1 (hp) A Bird Flu of Arctic Warming Holocaust HIV Osteoporosis All About God And Sin.
Bird Flu Antibodies Nature Inserted in Tobacco Grow Antibodies For Man Contra Spanish Type Bird Flu?
A-H1N1(lp) Mexico gentil flu from new pond sediment A-H1N1(hp) Spitsbergen old will kill billion+.
WHO And NREVES Laboratories 1999-2000 Report Three Percent Of U.S. Human Avian Flu Is Swine Flu.
Alexa says 20,000,000 sites get more access. 38,000 access my site yr 4 min avg screen read time.
Or Is Mexico City Dredging Up Silt Filling Its Park Lakes Releasing Avian Flu Recombinants Buried?
To Correct Debka File: Egypt Jet Pilot 1999 Off Boston Saw Grinding Plates "Luz De Diablo". Dove
I bought Guatemala flea mkt today 772 AD Pope Adrian 1 coin cousin 774 AD worlds most valuable coin
England Mint 774AD Gold Coin Honoring Mohammed 622AD Medina Seperate-Equal Constitution With Jews
Gulf War Syndrome. Most Is Fairly Easily Cured Long Run. But There Is Only One Expensive Way
Very fundamental coin first Vatican Mint 772 AD shows Jesus (the Pelican) lifting up sea serpents
Gulf War Syndrome Good Air No Pollutant Load. Must Move Military, Civilians To Purest Air.
Now Decline Into Dark Ages When Reaching Age 20 Only 2% Could Expect To Reach Age 40
13,300 Ft I Wake Up Here Women Holstein Cattle On Streets But No Osteoporosis, Chagas.
12% of HIV infected blood half pint transfusion persons not infected the blood is low virus HIV load
The Strange Old Japanese Diet Of T. Akizuki M.D. Preventing Gulf War Syndrome In Nagasaki Medics
Gulf War Syndrome. Depleted Uranium Shell Strike Hot. Multi Metals Toxic Vapors Inhaled. Hypothesis
If You have Recently HIV Seroconverted (Case Caught Early) You Have Time To Work Out Best Treatment
My Class NASW Sponsored Nov 21 Syracuse U, Psychiatric Medicines 36% Dr. Income Pharmaceudical Co.
Approximately One Of Every One Hundred Fifty Prostitutes In Southern Chipas Mexico Is HIV Infected
HIV 1 and HIV 2, Ancient Human HIV And Recent Simian HIV In Humans, Significance In HIV Spread
A Revolutionary War blood stained massacre house
remaining to tell the never ending story of Jesus and his love. There are no heroes but Jesus.
Gift tol Polly Watts new dau in law wife
of son Sir John Johnson knight bart.fled Canada when confiscated. Home I own today. For sale.
To see call Donna Yerden Coldwell Banker
Realitors Johnstown NY.
"Yanni playing April 2012" Marina (Fish House)
Fulton-Saratga Co NY Great Sacandaga Lake 44 sq mi. 4 mi from my house. World record northern pike
My house I own I want to sell. Reasonable. It is
old 1773 home of Sir John Johnson knight bart. See Donna Yerden Coldwell Banker Realtor Johnstown NY
A pre planned contingency July 11, 1774 Sir
William Johnson rose to the window saw belovid Catherine of Madagascar entered they rose eterniity
Left Ann wife Col Christian Daniel Clause right
Mary wife Sir Guy Johnson center Sir John Johnson children Caterine Weisenberg Sir William Johnson
Christian Clause, Sir Guy in Johnson Hall meetings
minutes Johnstown NY chief lieutenants Sir William always left right, Sir John center inherited all
61 leaded glass wavy bubbly munkins paynes large
payne center cross Jesus, 40 small paynes Catherine at death plus 20 intermediate Sir William 1773
Sir William Johnson 1773 age 60 given his age
given when he first came to the US Colonies as young man. He died 1774 next year age 59 given
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow
I will fear no evil. For thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
This my home I own started 1770 by Sir William
Johnson bart knight finished 1773 gift son Sir John Johnson knight bart his marriage to Polly Watts.
Polly was dau of Hon John Watts NYC Kings head
counsel business in US colonies. Sir William felt very secure by this marriage terms of his command.
Sir William died 1774 Sir John inherited power
wealth. But in three yrs George Washington took all Johnson power confiscated all land US
This a farm bower. A sad story for Sir William who
1773 began a second elegant retirement home center of Kingsboro Viliage but never got to live in it.
I have for sale with colonials knowledgeable
realtor reasonable price. Appears City tried to steal frome me saying built 1875
I became suspicious seeing built with no nails
tenon mortise wood pegged. (nails very expensive before revolutionary war) cheap after.
I read very old county deeds finding U.S. had
confiscated the home resold it pay U.S. war debts 1791
Sir John Johnson was fled living in Canada. His
pretty bower with its flowers, orchard, sheep for Polly now belonged to a yankee and his wife
If you want to own a home of those who held the
power for the King and England against George Washington this home. Well built for 500 more yrs
Because pleased and feeling Johnson family secure
sith marriage to Polly Sir William left in carvings on house and glass work its history
Marina 4 miles out E State St ext from my house.
Great Sacandaga Lake Fulton-Saratiga Co NY 44 Sq mi. World record northern pike. Walleys bass
AF Long range radar electronics Sept 1961-Aug 1963
5-level. Staff Sgt Aug 1963-Aug 1965, trainee for lieutenant Aug 1963-Aug 1965..
I am pg #1 Amazonas top. research Avian Flu of 26
pages. My research on my Sir William Johnson bart home I own has reached that same level
Nothing on pg # 2 sometimes there is. Reading
pg # 1 above I am still shaking nearly losing $100,000 my historic rev war home John Johnson knight
Or synagogue memorial. Sir William Johnson liked
heathen women loved heathen women Jew women part of. Yet Zachariah Septuagint sufficient attachment.
Think along farthest back room outside trench dug
first Catherine, later Sir William placed through cellar stones subsequently taken Sacandaga meadow.
Summer 2011 put on spanish red corrugated metal
roof s side of garage. Be carefull am age 70 but was up radomes young huge AF radar antennas
Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano paid his cousins to kill
him blame on on president Colom so Colom would not prevent 2,000,000 Israel Jews migrating Guatemala
2,000,000 Israel Jews believe only Guatemala as
New Israel is permanent (Iranian bomb) and only if homosexuals control democrat party and U.S.
NY Senator Schumer who came to office saying
it was a sin now goes to all homosexuality same sex marriage rallies promoting them

No Americas nations exception Canada, Uruguay,
U.S., recruit homosexuals military. Reason Obnoxious and purulent danger HIV spread barracks. .

Myself about 50 yrs ago. The Honduras HIV Study
1984 showed heterosexuals and homosexuals had equal low HIV rates. A burrow power time.

Myself around age 13. The CDC National US Center
Disease Control and Prevention Study Gives yr 2011 Homosexuals 60,000% more HIV than heterosexu

In 1984 HIV in Honduras was not connected to sex.
In the US heterosexuals lowered their HIV rates but homosexuals raised theirs astronomically, Crime

It raises the obnoxious question why did NYS Gov
Andrew Cuome permit men to marry men by law a few months ago yr 2011

I am a heterosexual no HIV have gotten stuck with
this issue being a medical researcher with HIV in homosexuals 60,000% higher than in heterosexuals

Help overthrow these same sex marriages in NYS and
return to elegant Hugh Heffner Playboy Magazine movie EMANUEL IN RIO Hoyt Christopher Ludmila Ferraz

I came to Guatemala to relax, learn spanish and
culture. I came to Antigua Guatgemala., I am retired now retiring reaching age 70 June 9, 2011
Tikal ruins isolated jungle. Large Howler monkeys
jaguars. What I wrote shows I was here 1997 and took photo standing platform of opposite pyramid
In the Copan Honduras ruinas. I retired June 9,
2011 age 70. I will have a coffee farm somewhere along Copan river higher up. I took photo Jan 1999
I do not know if what I looked at which was the
best has been sold. I will take the best left or new if so. On glyphs elephants sat with the chiefs
"come mr tally mon tally me banana daylight come
and he want to go home" Purchased Kingston Jamaica store property of Girt Wright. To banana boat
Wright family honerable, DA, Horton D Wright 31
Kingsboro Ave Gloversville NY in Jamaica, invest. Banana boats slow WW1 taken by England
Horton D Wright wife Gertrude, sons Ivan and Alan
in Jamaica. Next year artist Alan Wright (photo) was corporal in Milant France see top subpage left.
Retired now reaching age 70 June 9 2011. Myself
on horse Mexico near Guatemala. Buy coffee farm Honduras. To Bolivia Pando some Chagas research..
The Maya Museum Medicine. Some better, some the
same, some not as good. I took photo. San Christobal de Las Casas.Mexico by Guatemala border
myself 7 yrs ago first in deep amazon
This is page one of Bing search engine Oct 11 2011
I am sixth site down "A #1 world medical researcher H1N1 Flu"

Lead Pg1 Google Flu. Oppenheimer built plutonium
core bomb PETN compressed hypothesis E=mc squared. Einsteins theory pure energy conversion. Got 20%

I have the leading world hypothesis on origin
Avian H1N1 (hp) lethal Spanish-Swine Flu 1918 Lawton Hypothesis abov pg 1 of 20,000 pgs Google sub

Myself wife oldest son my parents home 1962 A2C
USAF long range radar elec detect russia nuclear bombers air traffic control

Ironicall Four Years Later In A Hot San Antonio
Summer Sun My Heart Murmer Disappeared And I Passed My Navigator Pilot-Navigator Exam. Scroll Down

Spanish red corrugated metal I put on July 2011
I am 70. Practice.. Caution. 60's I worked 50 ft up air defense radar antennas. Mostly tool carrier.
Was right out of 1 yr radar electronics school.
Fifty ears later medical research last decade I have produced 40-50 million GDP. H1N1 my specialty.
40-50 million not a lot. From consistent pg 1-2
relevancy rankings research important medical subjects Google search engine.

but 1000 yr old strand recombinants of the H1H2
virus surviving in the freeze of west Spitsbergen we have lost immunity to

bu 1918 WW1 exploding muniitons south had
pumped warm water to Spitsbergen leaching out 1,000 yr old H1N1 strands recombining

Infected geese-ducks-gulls nesting Spitsbergen
brough H1N1 with 1000 yr old strands down late Aug 1918

the result it killed 50 to 100 million in world
the world population 2011 eight hundred % higher it will kill billion. The vaccine prevents.

flu does not suddenly become lethal until over
time (500 yrs) we lose immunity to them. Reiterating this is lethal epedemic

Who is this world famous scientist-social worker
hypothesis Flu epidemic origins Geese landing leaching fields guano. 2nd site down Google lead pg


A prince of Ferrara, Italy. From Joseph. My great
grandfather John Walker Lawton (Squire).

My great grandfather Maj John Lawton 1862 mountain
man. Born Hope Falls NY Dec 18 1843. Served Civil War 3 yrs twice sat table with Uncle Billy

"Squire" Occupation "work in woods". Lumber boat
capsized spring Adirondack Mtn lake age 74. Given much whiskey. Knew should not drink. Died pleurisy

Amazon (Madeira-Mamore) I took photo. Love At Time
Of Cholera. My g grandfather wanted dau Ellen marry MD. She married Capt Max Almy Surgeon WW1 France

This is lead pg of Google. My sites 2nd, 3rd down
HIV recodes T4 cell to grow in T4 gets rid of other infected cells not self. Medicine ends bad T4.

The lead page Google top 2 LOAD very important in
all medicine not only Gulf War Syndrome. Malaria pills reduce protozoa help body prevent and heal

Google most frequently regarded No1 health medical
relevancy ranker world. Many good ones. As you see it. Top right classic ranking

A 2 million dollar AF investment beginning active
duty 1961 discharged standby reserves 1967. Now cashed in on..

Leaving this 99% society US depraved communists
as soon as I can sell my house. Buy small farm Guatemala grow few beef. Lyndon and Barry o.k.

Age 24 AF officer trainee Syracuse U. wife 2
oldest sons. To Syracuse U from 50' antennas 5 megawat pk klystron producer of much x-radiation

After two years student Syracuse University a
alight hear murmur, not serious, was detected. Last phase I did not make it. Tired.

I was stationed north no event. At Saratoga
south, radar beam mineralized soil drawn concave clouds focused dinner tables like magnifying glass

Long range Russia radar nuclear bomber detect air
traffic control. Look like 35 yr old us senator not 24 yr old. X-radiation klystron aged me

Number of slight strokes, early exaustion day
took toll did not make grade. Investment claimed hardship avoid hidden artic. I will never collect.

Son Mark born Keesler AFB Miss 1962, Michael
Syracuse NY 1964 Kevin not born yet Middletown, NY 1966 Wife Carolyn, div, died 2005

Only the good die young. I may go to 92 and have
another family in Guatemala. Only the good die young.

My great grandfather John Lawton mountain man 1862
That dirty little coward Robert Ford he killed Mr Howard shot Jesse in the back put him in his grave

I took photo talked to Bolivia archaeologist dig
This statue not that old. Nativity scene carved at feet.

he thought possibly early vikings. I see him on
ave La Paz munching a hamburger. I stayed once Tiwanaku a week. Don't pick. Rich artifacs along RR

on line for Guatemala residency grow few beef
I will renew my New York State Master Social Worker license from Guatemala May 2011

Shalom. I was a nys parole officer-social worker
ten years. It is what I know best and medical research, trapping muskrat and mink from this age

Assassination Tango

hallway east side mahogany banister and oak floor

Dining room of east side of my home looking into
mahogany bannister hallway and pantry. Albany Time Union Sept 24 2010. In Saratoga my home over 300K

The big perfect top high attic mid support rafter
beams 40'x8" hand hewn wood pegged. This is a Georgian colonial Georgians built to last 350 yrs

99 E State St entrance. E wing of Nathan Litauer
Hosp. Hosp apple orchard left, by entrance Florist. Adirondack Mts background

My attic built to withstand the 1 in 5 hundred yr
storm. 40ft 8"x8" hand hewn wood mid way rafter support beams hand hewn 8"x8" legs all wood pegged

Cherry bomb Hale of Herkimer NY 3 stacker Wernicke
patent Hale Herkimer still in business. Perfect, elegant, complete, 1908.

Birds eye maple book cases of industrialist Otto
Heinrich Lewis Wernicke, 1898 upstairs unused rm. If you buy the house right now you can have them

My cellar Vulcan gas range 100+ yrs old functions
build back yard patio and cook. Yours if you buy ;house quickly along with

Al Capone era bathtub 1926 Woodward-Wanger Phili-
delphia. Retiring Guatemala. Ask you Frankie if they wanted Ortega rid of who would pull the trigger

James Lawton registered nys edu dept lic master
soc wkr. White sheet person no legal problems ever. NYS has on line sheets all dentist soc wkrs etc

Will continue medical research out of Antigua
Guatemala. A poor mans Cairo-Paris-London of those with less finances. Use nys lic.

More profit in Antigua Guatemala. No criminal
record. A 42mph speeding ticket 1959. Harassment 1975 broke window tossing stones our camp in woods

I will get some good assignments in Antigua
Guatemala. I am honest and diligent in my work doing hard work and getting correctness.

I want out of the U.S. I do not believe social
work is interested any longer in good medical research. If that is not true where is it!

I will enjoy the good year round agricultural
chimate, cattle, rich soil, earning extra money in farming. Impossible here without big investment

"How do I get out of here said the joker to the
thief, I can't find no relief. Businessmen they drink my wine plowmen dig my earth

none of them along the line know what any of it is
worth. Prince Joseph Farrar of Ferrara kept the point of view, women came went mother of Jesus too"

I want a wife 35-50 from Antigua Guatemala and
equal I like cattle. If Manzanas now down to $3000 per will retire there in a few months $100,000

Women here disgust me and they do not know Jesus.
Guatemala women are much better. A Guatemala wife 35-50 is perfect. Cattle and good women equal

A man who thinks like that makes the best husband

My g grandfather John Lawton born Dec 17 1843
Hope Falls NY of Leonard of Squire of David Lawton burried Abbot cemetery Saratoga Co NY

He was pure yankee like my mothers fathers people
She descends numerous times from Simon Hoyt maternal ancestor of William Tecumpseh Sherman

Squire Lawton son of David was born in Jamaica
Vt 1794 and his birth is recorded the bottom of page 4 of the old Jamaica Town Book.

Squire is the Lawton family beast boy as when they
copied to reel Vermont records the old brittle amber book was folded back upon itself.

Today pressed out plastic encased but when reel
made births lost geneaologist scotch taped over Davids cattle mark Squier born Jamaica Vt "1794"

Squire Laughton b Jamaica Vt 1794 father David
Laughton birth can now be viewed bottom entry pg 4 Old Jamaica Town Book pressed out in plastic

For four years Google Search Engine has placed me
pg 1 first ten, category FLU SOCIAL WORK. Lot of hard work-research. The Masters.

Spitsbergen loved it able to ship their coal mined
product months more no ice warm waters pumped north WW1 naval munitions. Old H1N1 leached. Geese.

Manana April 26 2010 taking bus over to Santa
Barbara Honduras to generally get idea of 30 manzanas of agricultural land I may buy there

Both Lenin and Hitler advocated the lie over and
over untill it was believed. An end was put to them by not one lie. Not one.

Love At The Time Of Cholera. Dr. Maximillian Almy
had his practice in Rochester N.Y. They had home in the islands.

Formal name John. Twice asked run for mayor
Northville, Squire newspapers. Lawtons strange today want to torture kill him

Son in law EC Roberts cousin to Martin Van Buren
My mother descended Van Buren today live cottages most tall, black hair, blue eyes. Distaff Martinez

I am flying into San Pedro Sula April 20 2010 to
investigate farm lands cost north Honduras hill side lands. Interested being cheese maker for Sula.

The Airman Gulf coast Cuban Missile Crisis
In long range radar.The Staff Sgt the officer trainee in civilian clothes US university two years.


Hungarian Avar Mongol mother Pope Adrian 1st Born
Unk. Father Theodore. Charlemagne friend 23 yrs. Adrian Mongol Officer Youth

Vatican Mint coin 772 A.D. I purchased
Antigua, Guatemala zocalo flea market July 2009. Front side.

Reverse side. Jesus (Pelican) supports
Peter (Unicorn ornx antelope) and cannon. Lifts 3 serpents. Onward Christian Soldier.

Big. 30 U.S. pennies weight copper plus some
tin, 1/4 penny pure gold. Unrefined copper ore example some Chile Altiplano ore 1% gold.

Flea mkt table believed cross bottom substituted
for 1 (1772). I donated San Francisco Mission padre Demetri end of mass at altar said put museum.

Tiwanaku ruins 13,300 ft altitude, Bolivia
I took photo this mid decade

an old record

Twice at Palenque took the old Mexican Train
through Tabasco to the rio Urmacinta bordering Guatemala Petan to Campeche where stayed

Virgin of Quito, Quito, Ecuador. I took photo
spring 2007 doing malaria study, Lago Agrio, south Putamayo river basin, amazon

Guajaramerins. Rio Mamore (Madeira) deep
amazon. Left bank Brazil right bank Bolivia. I took photo late summer 2004.

My great grandfather Squire Lawton. Photo 1862
taken Northville, N.Y. Brother William H Lawton sitting at left. Cut. Born Hope Falls NY Dec 17 1843

I am in good health. My mother age 98 bought
this stone for me deciding on cremation ashes on our farm she grew up on. Had been her plot.

myself the social work medical researcher age 4
1945 end of WW2

Home of my great aunt Margaret (Margarite) Lawton
Roberts, wife of EC Roberts. Northville N.Y. on the hill.

Seen from Northville flats. She moved flats age 71
Dau Clare Ellen attended Juliard. Played piano here for me age 11. Worked in OKLAHOMA. Nvlle Oakies

Dec 1961 Biloxi, Miss. A3C electronics radar sch
long range russia nuclear bomber detect and air traffic cont wife (div dec) three sons two yrs apart

My father John Lawton born Northville N.Y. 1906
father George Lawton born Hope, N.Y. mother Elizabeth Coffee born County Cork, Ireland

My grandmother Marion Anderson Maloney Ambler
and my mother Jennie Ambler Lawton during Great Depression era

My grandmother Marion Anderson Maloney Ambler and
my mother Jennier Mae Lawton Great Depression era

Right to left sons Kevin, Mark, Michael, nephew
David and niece Raydeen.

My stepfather Horton Wright and my oldest
son Mark Saint Petersberg, Florida

Wednesday July 13, 2011.  Roswell Cancer Hospital Buffalo NY called me this morning. Giving me the biopsy on my mothers operation, the lump on her forehead. It is squamous carcinoma cancer - frequently attributed to overexposure to sun. And there are other causes. Usually this type of cancer is curable. The surgeon believes the operation a success and the cancer will not return. However this is not always a certainty. Roswell will send a letter for a followup checkup appointment for September 2011. I did not think at the time to mention she does not receive mail at her address and has a P.O. box and do they have this? I will take care of it at the P.O.                                                                                                                                                                                           Thursday June 25 2011 my mother age 99 in Roswell cancer center, Buffalo NY June 23 to have a mass removed from her right forehead and a skin graft. She has to go back for followup June 30. Five days ago I purchased a year 2000 S10 six cillinder Chevrolet pick up truck, weight 4,000 pounds. It is time now with the truck to get working on the house. It is for sale (at $67,500.00) if the buyer has the cash, $10,000.00 more if not. Banks are more interested right now on making new car loans which yield big profets for shareholders rather than mortgages on houses. It is becoming expensive to sell homes to people that need to go to the bank. I will have open house between July 20 and October 20 and I will sell it and purchase somewhere along the Copan river Honduras in the high rain forest a strip of coffee finca land running down to the river on Honduras land then up the opposite hill to the Guatemala line. I will not be working much, or at all, on the internet untill the house is sold. The truck is already on down time as a light came on on the pannel yesterday SERVICE ENGINE and I think the fuel pump went. June 15 2011 (anywhere from page one to page eight my site listed Google search engine specific general category MEDICAL RESEARCHER. Morning of June 15 2011 on page one, afternoon June 15 2011 on page five. Mexico City is a good place to begin applying all the exceptional work done by scientists in the laboratory of the RNA study and capability of the "living dead" in the earth to recombinate to form new strains of Avian H1N1. West Sptisbergen is actually a getting off of the Trolly and Mexico City offers conveniently many dynamics to study of the phenomena of the "living dead". As long as we have nesting ducks and geese and gulls and lakes and ponds that gas bubble up time to time and Spitsbergen sea shore nesting area that is an eternal freeze. The "living dead" RNA resting below is H1N1 comparative to DNA. Of the fissioning of flu on the spot observation is also very important. The spread of flu is integrative and part of a unit process in Mexico City. Flu will never go away. It will bubble up in the Adrondack Mountains of New York State and Mexico City. Deep drilling in Mexico City down into the old lake area near where Hernan Cortez permitted Monctezuma under captured supervision to travel to the Mexico City Lake islands to hunt ducks and geese without properly hauling the dirt away and spreading it out for sun treatment is also a potential for a Mexico City flu epedemic. Amd as I give below if you want to take your girl friend by the wrists as I have observed and swing her around and around and fling her at the open Mexico CIty subway door and then get on the car with her in the dent she has created when the flu is active then you may catch it. I notice my page on Avian H1N1 (hp-high pathogenic 1918 lethal Spanish-Swine Flu strain and ordinary non lethal Avian H1N1 lp-low paghogenic annual flu has moved to page one on Google Search Engine specific very general category "medical researcher" in the usual typed in lower case m and r and/or upper case M and R. An Avian H1N1 lp example is the recent flu epedemic in Mexico City that contained itself to Mexico City - where did it come from? It came from nowheres and it went to nowheres. That is what I though would happen. It could have gone farther. Mexico City can be a cool city at times at 10,000 foot altitude. I have been snowed on in the 1990's there in August. There has been of very recent much brillian biomedical science RNA research work on Flu strain genetics it can be termed, else I could have not done my research without these brilliant researchers. This RNA material in particles can recombinate creating a new strain of Avian H1N1 lp (or hp the case in the Avian H1N1 lethal hp-high pathogenic Spanish-Swine Flu of 1918) infecting geese, ducks and gulls. domestic chickens and other birds as well as pigs and other animals. The earth Mexico City is built on is a puzzle. One must read Bernal Diaz Del Castillo THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO to help unravel Mexico City. He fought in that conquest with Hernan Cortez. Mexico City was principally a lake at that time with the central gleaming city of cut stone of Mexico built in the center of that lake, an island city. There were built up causeways on the lake to reach the city itself over the lake. The lake was full of fish and plentiful with ducks and geese. The conqustadores hunted with Monctezuma the ruler of Mexico City who loved to hunt with bow and arrow for ducks and geese on islands in the lake of Mexico. Actually Monctezuma was their captive but they were on good terms. The lake is drained now and a huge sprawling city built where it was, the largest in the world. The deep part of the Mexico City subway is built down under the lake that preexisted, that was there during the time of Monctezuma and Hernan Cortez. And to reiterate at times Mexico City can be cool in August. How long these bird flu recombinant particles that create the particular strain of flu can survive outside of their host geese ducks gulls is contingent on many variables, to mention sunshine, temperature, moisture, nurture of the soil examples. There are conditions they can survive for a long time and the ultima high arctic where geese and ducks and gulls nest in abundance will have the longest survival rates. There is digging in Mexico City and ponds and lakes anyway some years bubble up from gas build up on the bottom bringing these flu recombinant particles up to where geese and ducks become infected with new strains of Avain H1N1 lp and hp, most non lethal. Nature is at work. Mexico City is an enigima. Additionally the subway did not used to be so crowded. I have been on the Mexico City subway in the 1990's and I would not call it badly crowded. But in the mid past decade near Bellas Artes it was so crowded or packed I watched a youn man young man swing his girlfriend round and around and release her at the packed open subway car door where she made a dent by the impact big enough for him also to jump on with her. There is no question these packed subways caused fissioning of the H1N1 Mexico City Flu of the past decade of the 21st century. I was that Mexico City trip visiting the Mexico City Biblioteca Nacional which are right up to date on their osteoporosis statistics (which approximate the U.S. statistics). Ten years earlier when I was in Mexico City in the mid 1990's the osteoporosis rates were lower. Many Mexico City people are highly dependent on their street food breakfast, lunch and dinner entering and coming out of work and for lunch. In the 1990's it would have been difficult for persons to have the medical condition osteoporosis the street food was so nourishing. The middle of this past decade 21st century street food nourishment had declined. Nourishment and non nourishment is also a contributor negatively and positively to Flu. At the same time there is plenty of cheap nourishing food to purchase through the grocery counter and take home at WallMart supermarket (WallMart was not there at the hotel I use in the 20th century but during the years I was using that hotel built a couple of blocks from the hotel in the past decade of the 21st century. A can of blackberries in the U.S. $4.00, at Mexico City WallMart $1.00. June 9 2011 I turned 70 years of age today................June 5 2011 Emailing to Obama today related to the Google Search Engine specific category MEDICAL RESEARCHER my site is on page 5 and/or 6, or 6 and/or 7, ten sites to a page(on Google Search Engine specific category FLU HYPOTHESIS OIGIN I am on page one top of page one where I have been several months, of 1,000,000 pages, ten sites to a page that more defined category FLU ORIGIN HYPOTHESIS). There are 9,000,000 pages, for general category MEDICAL RESEARCHER, which commands an enormous amount of respect in that position of page 5 and/ or 6, or 6 and/or 7 I am on. From year 1999 to year 2004 generally I was on page 1 of Google search engine under the same specific category MEDICAL RESEARCHER along with Dr. James Watson also on page one. Today to reiterate I am on page 5 and/or 6, or 6 and/or 7 category MEDICAL RESEARCHER. The medical subject of mine has changed. It is about WW1 naval munitions for four years exploding in the Atlantic to the south pumping a stream of warmer water north to the lands of Scandinavia (west Spitsbergen) and east Greenland where from a mountain the polar ice cap can be viewed ane where the geese, ducks and gulls nest, and where there is an eternal shore freeze. Where ancient bird flu recombinant particles leached out of the freeze when the waters in 1918 red lined infecting nesting ducks geese and gulls with bird flu recombinant particles going back to the mastondon hunters with much of the world population 1918 having lost immunity due to the age of this flu. A land such as Spitsbergen becomes extremely cold early and thus the nesting geese ducks and gulls begin there journey to the south lands early as was the case with the lethal 1918 Spanish-Swine flu they spread. There are new medical researchers in the Google search engine relevancy rankings and there are more sites total. Google is regarded in the world as number one ranking medical relevancy sites. I remain in the top one hundred of millions of MEDICAL RESEARCHER sites that general category MEDICAL RESEARCHER of searching for the most relevant in the nation by Google. The medical subject I am relevancy ranked for today is Avian H1N1 Flu lp low pathogenic yearly common non lethal Avian H1N1 and Avian H1N1 hp - high pathogenic 1918 Spanish-Swine Flu. The year 1918 the lethal year of a terrible killer flu strain of AH1N1. It was devistating deaths at least 50 million in the world with only 1/10 the world population then compared to today. This means 500 million deaths today or one out of 20 people in the world without the annual vaccine dead from this 1918 strain. I have developed beginning in Mexico City a decade and one half ago the correct hypothesis on when to administer the annual flu vaccine to save tens of million of lives, hundreds of millions of lives to prevent Avian H1B1 hp of 1918 strain from fissioning. It necessitates an earlier administration than presently and may necessitate two administrations of annual flu vaccine summer and then fall. This two administrations is not dangerous but it is a cost problem. I am a licensed NYS social worker registered with the State University of New York and my medical research presentations are of the highest quality. Most are the presentation of science and medicine of others as they fit social work. Not original but exceptionally valuable none the less presented for the general public with the quality correctness needed. This hypothesis of mine on AH1N1 (hp) however is an original science hypothesis developed by me. Generally social workers do not develope science hypothesis but I have. My NYS license gives me this authority. And I have succeeded. It is a great achievement and the greatest achievement of my lifetime. These lead pages on Google search engine on medical subjects given the standing of Google search engine are enormous in their contribution of GDP to the U.S. My contributions to the U.S. GDP thus in dollar value on Google Search Engine front pages amounts to tens of millions of dollars over the past decade. I anticipate a $150,000.00 world cash reward for my hypothesis on Flu in the next two years. Money does talk this contribution of mine should be looked at now in all fairness. That is a great amount of GDP contribution by me. I feel very fortunate in having been able to contribute like this.......................... June 3, 2011 Elizabeth the Roswell social worker in charge of lodging who my mother will be working with for a period of time if necessary has made credit card reservations at the Doubletree Hotel connected to Roswell Cancer Hospital by corridor. My mother will arrive at the Doubletree Hotel the late afternoon of June 15 and will leave the Doubletree Hotel late morning of June 17. Her initial medical appointment at Roswell Cancer Hospital is for June 16. She has a suspected cancerous growth on her right forehead. It is not known if Roswell will send her home for a time following the initial evaluation or keep her in the hospital. And it is also possible for her to stay at the Doubletree Hotel a week or more following the morning of June 17 for a subsequent appointment. She will have $2,000.00 of American Express Travelers Checks from her NetBank. Also Hotels cost more than expected sometimes due to extra services. The Double Tree Hotel is $99.00 per day. She will have Elizabeth put the travelers checks in a safe for her. The growth was throughly gone over by a cancer specialist at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, N.Y. It is not judged an emergerncy melanoma the feared form of skin cancer that often leads to death. It is judged to be one of the the common types that not frequently lead to death spreading through the body. Thus no emergency operation and there is some time to get to it in surgury at Roswell. May 29, 2011 My oldest son is letting his one acre deerstand go to auction in southern Fulton County NY. It is no good for a deerstand any longer anyway and he now lives in the Adirondack mountains. It borders near the NYS Hale Creek Prison. I had land there and the Prison had called the Sheriffs Office and I was instructed I would have to move my Winchester 30-30 rifle 1,000 feet down our back field north from the prison line. I was not shooting in the direction of the prison and was shooting into a safe wood pulp pile. The Prison caused me to remove with the gun to an area that sometimes sees individuals and families abouts. Probably the NYS trooper Fank J Lizzio will buy the acre as it is set into land I recently sold him and will balance his parcel out. My 99 year old mothers Doctor, Dr. Glen, suspects she has a malignant tumor on her right forehead. He has scheduled an appointment at Roswell Hospital in Buffalo in mid June. I am trying to move it up because of her age. I will call Roswell again Tuesday two days away to see if there has been a cancellation the hospital can move her into. I will drive her up there. I am certain I will win a $150,000.00 world cash prize award on my hypothesis on the origin of the 1918 Spanish-Swine world deadly flu Avian H1N1 (hp). I am the race horse who has crossed the finish line with the other horses only half way there. This has an origin in Mexico City a decade and one half ago with information I gained from Mexican people. Other researchers have veered off on tangents as to what month and what part of the month to give the annual flu vaccine to guard against the 1918 flu, but my course has been correct. My hypothesis will save tens of millions of lives. Even half a billion. May 11 2011 I received yesterday an evacuation plan good for a foreign nation for a very reasonable amount per year for a medical illness. I am in good health but will be turning age 70 in 30 days and will be a farmer and medical researcher in Honduras. I get a $1,500.00 bank deposit per month Social Security check but the U.S. Social Security insurance package does not cover foreign nations except along remote border areas with Mexico and Canada. Thus if I get ill I will have to evacuate to Miami to a private, veterans or public hospital. This insurance comes in very convenient at this time. Sale of my home is coming along well. I am on and Mother Earth News, Lands of New York. For my home an authentic Georgian Colonial one block from the hospital and two blocks from the golf course on the edge of the country Mother Earth News is by far the most productive. I am setting a trend in fathers from north east New York State looking to buy a home for their soon to graduate medical school MD children. They all seem to fall on the $70,000.00 figure. They will have to go $77,500.00. I will not sell below that. That is a very low price for an authentic Georgian Colonial these being built to last 350 years. I am not going to get the $130,000.00 I want for it and it is worth. Gloversville is the poorest city in New York State and homes half priced. April 30 2011 Those reading not much distance down scrolling will note I have the world leading hypothesis (mine and scientifically original and cogent - see the two top photos on this page concerning my ranking on Google search engine on the subjects of flu hypothesis and origin on page one the lead page of Google (Google numbers its search engine pages on subject from 2 to 10,000 but page 1 it does not number which is why you do not see page 1). I nailed my sign to a horse on the front of my street here that it is a genuine 1845 Georgian Colonial built to last 350 years and there is nothing wrong with it the they buying party can not do with elegant wallpaper and expensive paint on interior woodwork and elegant doors. Sand and varnish up the oak floors and pine floors and the mahogany bannister in the up and down hallways. The house is unbelievably strong. No showing untill June 1. The three car also strong garage had the only major repair needing a roof which most I did myself 2010 and just had $250.00 roofing delivered from HOME DEPOT yesterday to improve the garage roof. I put on my for sale street sign I am buying a coffee finca somewhere along the Honduras Guatemala line on the Copan River and they are getting a real good deal on a $130,000.00 home for 77,500.00. I want to buy a coffee finca while they are going at a reasonable price. Coffee land in Guatemala is becoming expensive and where there is money to be made in Guatemala there are concentrations of Zetas. I am familiar with Guatemala every year for 18 years which includes when the war there was in full swing. I took my first spanish lesson in Antigua, Guatemala in 1993. And have been in the nation near every year since. December 2010 first day of an intermediate spanish cultural lesson there five gunmen walked into a well known Chinese Restaurant where Doctor R Torres Casenova was dining with friends celebrating a birthday and shot him in the leg and side putting him into surgery. Dr Casenova is the brother of Rita Torres Casenova Colum wife of President Colum and ran for the presidency being beat by his brother in law. At the same time there were massive Zeta problems independent from the assassination attempt. And additionally someone got ahold of my KEY BANk Debit card pin unknown how and using a batch of stolen plastic cards ran my card down to a $1,200.00 negative figure. Key Bank made up the sum. Apparantly it would seem the best time to counterfiet these bank cards is when Guatemala law enforcement is overburdened. There is none of this I know of on the Honduras side. Wherever I purchase on the Honduras side my Finca my strip of coffee growing land will run down to the Copan river on the Honduras side and up the hill to the Guatemala side. My continuation of my social worker license untill 2014 for the every three year now $190.00 fee came through the mail a few days ago. Soon it will be James Franklin Lawton lic master social worker registered with the State University in the state of New York but residing farmer in Honduras - also a researcher in new Chagas Disease medicines. ....... April 24 2011 The evening before I left for my American Airlines flight back to the U.S. I am still thinking about the screaming young sounding womman somewheres in the cuadra of the hotel I was staying at in the Hotel Mar Jennie in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. It went on for about ten minutes waking me up and she could not catch a breath it seemed between agonizing screams. I spent two months in Tegucigalpa the months immediately following Hurricane Mitch more than a decade earlier and have heard women giving birth not in the hospital but usually there are other voices and this none. I wondered if a Zeta woman had been captured by the police. However it stopped after about 10 minutes and I heard some male say "still birth" and some young woman castigate him for saying that. The screaming did not seem to come from a part of the hotel but behind it and they may have been part of the hotel listening like myself. Before this I had hollered down to stop loud carpentry noise after 9:00 P.M. somewheres in the cuadra with a response to "go home" by someone. Usually the only loud noise after 9:00 P.M. in Honduras is about a half hour befor day spring when they have loud parades as they did during my stay. They may have been building a crib bed for the birth and the woman was giving birth apparantly alone. In any case I went back to sleep so as to get up early to catch the 5;30 A.M. chicken bus to catch my flight out of San Pedro Sula on time. Things went well. Copan Ruinas is right on the Guatemala line. There were no zeta problems. In December 2010 crossing from Honduras into Guatemala I was immersed in a Zeta problem in Guatemala. Flying out of Aurora airpoet Guatemala City it appeared at least Guatemala had borrowed a number of helicoptors from other nations and organizations to combat the Zetas. It is not good with the Zetas active to walk down the street at dayspring not alert. One can sleep with voices and auto noise which is ordinary after 9:00 P.M. but not carpentry noise although I do not know if it was Hotel Jennie noise or elsewhere on the cuadra. Going out to trace noise earlier days but before 9:00 P.M. it was not in the Hotel Jennie although it sounded it was. I decided woke up I would take the hour later in the morning chicken bus for better early morning light to San Pedro Sula to catch my airplane to Miami although that is more risky of a chicken bus breakdown and not catching the flight, which is expensive. I waited for good dayspring light on the streets, walked down the hill, and was in luck my early chicken bus was delayed some thus I managed to get the early bus out. The Guatemala line and the Zetas are only a few miles away. Western Honduras is not a place for Zetas and it is remarkable the difference in wealth across the Honduras-Guatemala line Guatemala much wealthier. The greatest danger in Honduras part in jest I give on my site which is flying to Berne in a bottle. Not much danger of that either. I have been in Bolivia a number of times including the gas-petrol riots and I suspect this is what happened to a U.S. Peace Corp member who disappeare from the face of the earth this past decade. Not certain of that. However to reiterate all went well flying out of Honduras from San Pedro Sula in April 2011. Down the hill from the Hotel Mar Jennie where the chicken busses leave from only the locals out and no Zetas. However Copan ruinas must take cognizance of the Zetas. It rains a lot and for the slippery cobblestone 45 degree angle streets I purchase the local codine tablets which are proprietary drugs there. I thought some might have been missing in my room but they went into the laundry packaged and recovered. The reason I though this is I had paid a dollar a tablet. But then later not having them any more, in another drug store I paid $.20 cents a tablet, realizing no one would take them. I did not report it as I was not certain what happened to them and also thought I was overcharged and they are cheap tablets no one would take. It pays to shop around. There is also another part of Copan Ruinas most people do not see which is non tourist with big agricultural outlets and other stores. The visitor may want to shop there. As to the codiene tablets in December Guatemala 2010 I paid $1.00 each tablet for them told it was a la ganga. Selling them one drug store $1.00 per tablet in Copan ruinas but you can also get them for $.20 per tablet. They are preferred over Tylanol. Copan ruinas has got to keep its people alert at peak alertness day spring hours for the Zetas should they cross. Perhas they will go back to Mexico. .......................April 15 2011 Self scheduled day I have for beginning working on my house I have for sale at $140,000.00. I am buying a coffee finca in Honduras. I have my Rutgers University Alumni Directory now for 2011. Graduate School of Social Work 1969, Medical Researcher, graduate James F Lawton 73 E State Street Gloversville N.Y. 12078 ....................... April 12 2011 I am the brigadier as called in Central America because of my work on the origin of Avian H1N1 (hp-high pathogenic flu). In South America earlier I was called the el capitan of social work because of my brilliant and accurate medical research presentations of areas of medicine. Brigadier is a much higher rank and it is as high as I will go. Someone will have to take it from here. Many thanks to the research of Warwick Hughs in presentation of the west coast Ireland Armagh studies of temperatures. Their well kept records for 200 years show clearly there is no general overheating by mankind in terms of the overall world globe. There is a very gradual incremental increase each year for two hundred years that is linear mathmatically. That means that over 200 years each increment of the next year is about the same as the year before, this for 200 years. I have had at Syracuse University a very elementary course in calculus. There was more than that to the course but I do not recall Ms Birdie the instructor teaching much else but calculus. It was required. If it were not I would not have taken it. The instructor was Ms Birdie to reiterate and she reduced me from an A to a B+ because peripherally I multiplied 1 x 1 and got 2. I have enough calculus to see there is no function in the Armagh records that increases at an increasing rate over a 200 year span of time. If it were industrial heat up this would be the case. Many thanks to that record provided by Warwick Hughes. That does not mean however that in limited spots in the world overheating by man can not cause disaster. The ultima high Arctic is such a limited spot and about 90 years ago man did it a great damage and it produced an extrordinary world disaster as a result. I am the brigadier who has presented to the world my original and the correct hpothesis of the origin of the Spanish-Swine Flu of the particular lethal strain that hit the world beginning late August of 1918. My hypothesis may save more than one billion people. In South America high in the Andes and low in the back Amazon I was el capitan presenting the best studies of areas of medical research for social work. Now I have developed my own hypothesis over fifteen years beginning in Mexico City on flu origin at the brigadier level. It is accepted in the world as the correct hypothesis - which it is. That is as high as I can go. Someone must take it from here. Although I am much higher now than el capitan. Still my work lends to necessity the administration of the flu vaccine early August. Which may mean because of the early administration later in the Fall another vaccine must be administered as the early vaccine will have worn off. This means money. Now you need four stars. I am your brigadier and my hypothesis will be implimented for the future as long as the world lasts. Who your four stars will be who will impliment this I do not know. April 7 2011 I am now ranked on Google search engine (English) world web on page one, top of page one under subject categories HYPOTHESIS FLU and FLU HYPOTHESIS ORIGIN. My hypothesus thus will be used and principal in moving the Flu vaccine up to early August - which may bring with it a second vaccination later in the Fall However the two billion has been spent to find a way to counter the lethal stain of Avian H1N1 (hp - high pathogenic) when and if it comes. Common Avian H1N1 (lp - low pathogenic) Flu we understand and have for many years but the routine of early Fall administratine of vaccine must be changed from what is adequate for the common Spanish-Swine flu Avian H1N1 (lp) to what is adequate for the lethal strain Avian H1N1 (hp) which demands with absoluteness administration of the vaccine in early August. Geese and ducks and gulls arrive earlier on the lethal flu potential from nesting in the very fagile ultima high artic where from a mountain top the polar ice cap can be viewed. It will arive again some day either from a man made catastophy or from a natural catastrophy from this fragile region. Most are familiar with Vice President Al Gores work in fragility of the enviroment with excess warming. I follow basically Warwick Hughes, in terms of most of the Globe, that there is no on a grand scale global warming. Using the well kept records of two hundred years of Armagh, Ireland that discount large scale global warming. There may be however here and there on all parts of the globe local disease catastrophies from overwarming. To reiterate anywhere on the globe. Still most of the overall globe remains healthy. The ultima high arctic however can cave in quickly with overwarming as was seen in late August 1918 when the lethal Spanish-Swine Flu Avian H1N1 (hp) came down with the ultima high arctic nesting birds. I began on Flue loosely fifteen years ago when wandering across and down the avenue from the Mexico City Museum of Anthropology I stopped in the park rowboat duck pond and thee was some digging and Mexicans told me they were digging up the Flu. It can be very cold in Mexico City at 10,000 feet elevation. In August I have been snowed on. I kept what I was told in mind. I mention this as what I have achieved is an accomplishment over one decade and one half and I now warrant an office on the street where my home is, as it is residentially zoned - a surgical dentist, Catholic Charity outpatient clinic and a Florist allowed near the main entrance of the Hospital. The warranted office is not a great achievement but the Flu hypothesis is a great achievement. March 30 2011 This is Honduras but the San Pedro Sula Bus terminal is one of the largest and most modern in the world. Serviced mainly by chicken busses. Things to come.                                                                                                                  March 20 2011  In a few days I am flying home to Gloversville NY. I called home and my mother is o.k. and all is well. I will be seventy years of age June 9, 2011 and this venture took a serious look at some coffee land back in the mountains near Copan Ruins along both sides of a small river. Twenty five acres and two very basic dwellings on it for $55,000.00. Some good coffee land as well as acreage for growing a couple of beef some corn, a milk cow or goat. There is no barning, for the livestock only eating, resting, sleeping, copulating and drinking and socializing. And that is very cheap. When I sell the house I will come back to see if it still for sale and buy it  or something else in that area if it is gone.                                                                                                              March 5 2011  I have changed my mind and will spend the remaining ten days in Central America before returning to the states here at Copan Ruinas, Honduras. I have paid the Hotel Jennie the ten days. There is good land around here on the Honduras side not as expensive as the Guatemala side - which is less than ten miles distance.                                                                                                      March 4  2011 (afternoon)  I will be leaving Ceiba, Honduras early tomorrow morning and have changed my mind again. I am instead of going to the Honduras state of Paraizo going to Antigua, Guatemala and will take another learning session at the Dalton coffee plantation. I will use that, a refresher or second course and there is more to be learned formally in Antigua about coffee. The area produces the worlds finest coffee. And cut down on the Manzanas of the coffee finca I will soon purchase. I have ample money to get by on not including the profits of the coffee finca. I will not take my usual Spanish lesson course this visit but educate myself in coffee growing. There is some profit even not having a large number of manzanas in coffee growing. Not much in beef unless you get the land very cheap. I will grow a beef or two. I think that is the best option for me as I have reached age 70. I will bring down my Husvarna 350 and go to work. I want to get the farm.                                                                                                                                                       March 4 2011  I want to buy a coffee Finca. Cost of land is too high in Guatemala. I will skip Guatemala entirely but will not go down to Gracias A Dios. Rather I will go to El Paraiso in the Honduran state of Paraiso. It is volcanic soil and good coffee growing land and prima faci from current reports in that state there remains good uncultivated coffee growing land there. Although favorable reports do not always present the correct case. The state of Paraiso was the first Honduras state coffee crop was grown commercially in meaning it has the best soil, altitude and climate for coffee growing of premium coffee. Meaning I have to go there and study the price of an uncultivated manzana of coffee land. Paraiso is on the west side of Honduras bordering Nicaragua. Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico more than one hundred years ago sold United States citizens very very cheaply coffee land much of which was not good coffee growing land. Coffee beans the size of tree cherry fruit were according to the advertising of those nations supposed to grow right down from the mountains to the beach. It was not the case however and U.S. farmers had to be Adam of the Old Testament to make a living on the land. They became very depressed over their investments. Then in a decade came ship refrigeration. Much of the land they had at the beginning purchased was excellent banana land. Perfect for growing bananas. The problem was bananas spoiled on the way to market. A banana was regarded as a rare fruit and one banana in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States went by todays dollar at $4.00 for one banana. Then a decade later with ship refrigeration the same banana cost $.10 per banana, and all city workers included a banana in their lunch box. And mothers could get their children to eat cerial by chopping up a banana in it. Now the entire world had bananas. United States citizens and Hondurans who had invested ten years earlier in the large blocks of very cheap land now became millionaires rapidly. The big companies bought up as much land as they could.                                                                                                 The point being however I do not think the Government of Honduras sold much land cheaply for coffee growing in the Honduras state that grew the best coffee, which is el Paraiso. Not many Hondurans bought up the cheap blocks of land throughout Honduras for coffee growing knowing it was not prime coffee land and bananas spoiled. Bananas were only good for growing for people of Honduras. United State citizens bought these big blocks of cheap land not being knowledgeble. Then after a decade with the advent of ships refrigeration the angel appeared and fortune did shine on them and they profited, those that did not sell out to the big companies who knew more about refrigeration earlier than themselves or most of themselves.                                                                                             Two years ago I took a coffee course at the famous Dalton coffee plantation outside of Antigua, Guatemala. I was told by a staff member of Dalton that a reasonable manzana of uncultivated coffee land should go about $3,000.00 to make a profit. I am not willing to go over that. The problem with Guatemala is that the price of land has become extravagant. I will find out what it is in the state of Paraiso Honduras.                                                                                                                March 1 2011   I have decided to skip Guatemala entirely and head down south in Honduras towards Gracias A Dios and Puerto Limpera located in Gracias A Dios, near the Nicaragua border. I have $100,000.00 plus or minus to invest in a small farm and am going to purchase in Honduras. Land is too expensive in Guatemala. Land is cheap nowhere but southern Honduras would be the least expensive and it is relaxed, on the remoter side as Central America goes. That is what I am looking for.                                                                                                                                                                                                               February 28 2011   I am staying at the Grenada Hotel in Ceiba, Honduras the same hotel I stayed at 12 years ago for a week the months 1998-99 immediately following Hurricane Mitch. The Lowlands farmers of Europe have a right idea. Firstly my pages of research on the lethal strain of Avian H1N1 flu are the correct research. Secondly in this first decade of the 21st century to put them in proper place. Flu in the cities of Europe is now ``human flu``. The only person to put up on the gallows platform is the farmer himself who brings the flu into the cities in his lungs coughing and sneezing, as caught from his barnyard fowl who the wild geese and ducks drop in on for feed and the pigs who catch it from the fowl. The doctor must be listened to in terms of bedrest, medicine and hospitalization as well as getting the yearly flu vaccine. And the fissioning of the flue in confined spaces dense with people put to an end until the flu epidemic ends.                                                                                                               Flu has become human. There are no ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys on the subways and trains. Mexico doctors would agree with the Lowlands farmers of Europe. At one time things were very different. In the early to late mid 1990`s I used to take the old Mexico passenger train no longer operational from the United States border down to Tapachula, Mexico on the Guatemala border. Often I sat next to geese and turkeys, sometimes behind and in front of me. Sometimes they would come back and visit. They are good natural immunization but they also spread flu through coughing and sneezing and defication. That is part of the immunization process. Today we have the vaccine replacing fowl. That will spread flu sometimes also but it is not a lethal strain. Overall it is a very good vaccine. We also had chickens living on the back porch. And sometimes in the house also. Biographers of Fidel Castro record that visitors to the Castro home when sitting at the dinner table had to look at their chair seat first not to sit on an egg.                                                                                                         February 12, 2011     I will be  traveling to Guatemala-Honduras flying out February 24 2011 to San Pedro Sula Honduras American Airlines and returning March 17 2011 visiting Omoa, Honduras and Livingston, Guatemala.                                                                                                                                                   .(February 1, 2011. I charge $140.00 per hour expenses included. Costs are going up for research as with my to the top subpages on the attemped assassination December 7, 2010 of Dr. Rolando Torres Casanova by the five gunmen at the popular Guatemala City Chinese restaurant down the hill from where I was staying that day in Antigua, Guatemala - below the three volcanos seen in the distance from Guatemala City. Dr Torres formerly water czarr (and who may disturbed some with privatization of water) had run against his brother in law president Colum who won. Sandra Torres Casanova Colum wife of the president is the sister of Dr. Casanova. And on the day of the attempted assassination the robbing of U.S. banks over the wire by the spreading about Guatemala of freshly made fake copied bank cards to earn a couple of hundred thousand dollars to pay the five gunmen. Key Bank had to assume the loss on that portion that was drawn from my bank account.). This is simply the stealing of batches of plastic cards with a forger putting in the raised letter from someones rememberance (some people are very good at it and remembering the pin buttons pushed).                                                                                                                                         January 29 2011. I have the leading world hypothesis on origin of Avian H1N1 (hp) lethal Spanish-Swine flu 1918-19 from overwarming of the ultra high Arctic which killed approximately 100 million people on the globe those early years of the 20th century, and this early 21st century with an 800 percent world population increase will kill one billion persons. We still had many chickens-ducks kept in back yards then which provided natural immunity in terms of an analogy as cows provide cowpox (smallpox vaccine - all smallpox vaccine year 2011 is cowpox). Avian H1N1 is a bird flu. It is a disaster to say it is a pig flu although pigs catch it repidly like humans. Next to monkeys and apes pigs are the closest to humans. Today in absence of chickens and ducks kept in the back yard (some had pigs too) the annual flu vaccine replaces chickens ducks in the back yard and the natural immunity they provided. Also non smokers only catch half the amount of Avian H1N1 as do smokers as proven by Israel soldiers. And a diet of fresh meat and poultry, eggs, and fresh vegetables with exercise and a good life style will reduce it again by half. Still it is not enough. You must have the flu vaccine or rent yourself a patch and raise your own chickens and ducks or have an agreement with some poultry farmer to go in the coups and collect your own very fresh eggs. I have ten pages on this flu hypothesis which leads in the world year 2011 as pertains to my subpages to the left on this my main page you are reading. and I recently introduced a part folk medicine page which should prove relevant to the lethal flu epidemic issue.  Http://                                                                                                                 In the past few days  I also have combined my SURGEONS HIV subpage with my new page ( top subpages left) on the true to life movie DARFUR which shows why we have so much HIV in the world today when it was not well paid black Africans from that continents west coast that found the most superior medical way to prevent it. Nice things cost money. The United States went right around these black Africans ignoring them trying to get extra dollars for Gulf War 1 and 2 and the war in Afghanistan, which is where it still stands today. It is a movie of total excellence. Nothing has appeared as good recently.                                                                                                                January 23  2011  I got my $1200 back but how does Key Bank get its $1200 back from the dozen or so Guatemala cash machines dispensing cash to a plastic copied card of mine Key Bank tells me, on the the day of the attempted assassination of the Guatemala presidents brother in law Dr Rolando Torres Casanova, December 7 2010 by the five gunmen at the popular Chinese restaurant in Guatemala City (I was in Antigua Guatemala up the hill from Guatemala City - where you see from Guatemala City the three big volcanos) .                                                                                                                January 20 2011  I have checked with The Key Bank department that investigates the incident in Guatemala that occurred December 2010. My first hunch was correct. I was the victim of a sublimated Guatemala assassination on the same day by the organization network of the five gunmen who attempted to assassinate Dr Roland Torres Casanova in Guatemala City, brother of Guatemala president Alvaro Coloms wife,  on that day. The few days preceeding this day of the five gunmen I had set things loose by my publishing my scientific report in Antigua, Guatemala to general bulletin board posting I had developed from Prensa Libra newspaper of Guatemala City  two years earlier of the water problem in Guatemala City. With half of the hospital beds of the city occupied by young babies because of polluted water (which set loose that Dr Casanova the water Czarr at that time because of his excellent work correcting that water problem is unbeatable if he chooses to run for president of Guatemala in the election coming up. I did not even mention Dr Casanova but he is none the less unbeatable if he runs deductable from the posting, which some persons suddenly realized. He lost to President Colom his sisters husband last election. My summary of this is my top subpage to the left showing on this my main page.  I will return to Guatemala this summer. Farmland has become exceptionally expensive there around areas better protected with security but now there are no areas protected by security so it may become affordable even in the rich volcano soil areas. And land prices may rise in Hudspeth Texas by Mexicans letting there farms set below the Rio Grande and buying land above the Rio Grande because of crime in Mexico. I have the leading world hypothesis on origin of Avian H1N1 (hp) lethal flu.                                                                                                                                   January 13  2011 I got my letter back from Key Bank investigations that the dozen or so withdrawels on my Master debit card amounting to $1,200.00 were not mine and that case is closed. Cash machines with many numbers and some may have been located all over the world. I have not called them to see what it was all about yet but will. I suspect when they loaded the machines at dawn in the murkey light they forgot to calibrate them and left quickly for fear of lurking Zetas. The Zetas are all over Guatemala. The Zetas are not the only problem. The water is not as good. It used to be pure and ice cold from a lake high up on the volcanos. Now I am told they mix it in with with water from a large lake at much lower elevation near Guatemala City. How this works out is a water with much lesser quality. In terms of the coli. The old colis from the volcano were much like our Adirondack mountain water. The adjustment upon return was no problem. Now it is. I am just getting my strength back after a month. Also the lomotil is old and worthless and other medicines the same. Guatemala is in a bad trend.                                                                                                                                 January 5 2011. I am now recognized on a world basis as a nys licensed master social worker-scientist whose hypothesis theory of lethal Spanish (Swine) flu AH1N1 (hp) is now holding up the lives of more than a billion people up in terms of the hypothesis and its origin. How this happened at its own personal origin is 15 years ago I was walking down the avenue by the Mexico City Museum of Anthropology and a couple of blocks down turned into the large recreational park with a row boat duck pond. Mexican people pointed out to me a flu epedemic would soon hit Mexico as some digging about the pond was being done. It did not make a great impression at that time but I remembered it. I advanced it and it has now made me one of the most important people in the world in terms of social work and science and living out ones life not dying of Flu epidemic. The Lawton hypothesis on Flu is today the most advanced hypothesis on lethal Flu epedemic origin and is guarding the life of one to two billion world people.                                                                                                                        January 5 2011  I am home and settled for the winter. No more Guatemala during the winter months 2011. The nation is being run over by Mexico Zetas (the average Guatemala businessman believes they work for the U.S. Senate and House and Obama). By the time I had finished my Spanish lesson in Antigua, Guatemala up the hill under the three volcanos from Guatemala City I had $1,400.00 worth of charges I did not make on my Key Bank debit Master Card. These were to numerous cash machines who could have been many places in the world with various numbers. It is doubtful cash came out of the machines but I requested cameras on those machines be secured in case cash did come out. My guess is the persons loading and callibrating the machines at daybreak on the dark zocalo rushed what they were doing given the Zetas about robbing and killing. Also the first day I began my Spanish lessons Dr. Rolando Torres Casanova brother in law of Guatemala president Alvaro Colom was shot in Guatemala City in a Chinese restaurant at a birthday celebration when five gunmen walked in. He is the brother of Sandra Torres Casenova Colom wife of the president. Dr Casenova has run without success for the presidency of Guatemala but may do much better on the next presidential election a year away. Also Guatemala has had a water  polution problem due to its frequent earthquakes and president Colum has privatized the water system. Dr. Casanova may be seen by virtue of privatized water as a traitor, a Benedict Arnold. Many Guatemalans favor localized handling of water. A friend at the birthday celebration was killed by the gunmen and Dr. Torres was hit in the leg and on his left side and taken to surgery, thereafter being in stable condition. This is getting very close to the Presidency. Closer than I have ever seen and I have been in Guatemala seventeen times in the past two decades. For right now, at home, I am going to move the horses into the dining room of the unused east side of my house I own and begin making storm windows and do some fix up - not much needed - on the mahogany bannister hallway, The upstairs hallway and one large bedroom has very old real linolium. I have decided not to put down new as I am selling the house - I will probably sell it May or June - and it will likely not be what the new owners want. They will discard it and it will be a waste of money. Basically the house does not need much fix up. I have no idea what the new owners will want on the walls. It remains the sturdiest house in Fulton County, N.Y. a 1845 colonial georgian, georgians built to last 350 years. It is in much better shape than the $400,000.00 homes built after 15 years.                                                                                                           Fulton County has become rich suddenly. I myself began noticing it July-August 2010 with a plethoria of big new cars on the streets and avenues suddenly appearing. As it turns out the county had an exceptional year in tourism (see my photo scrolling down of the boat marina). People are taking vacations but at cheaper places and Fulton County New York is a cheaper place. People all the way from Russia. The trend should continue into future years. In any case the gold coins are spilling over and the recession is over in Fulton County.                                                                                                                       December 15  2010   I flew home from Guatemala mid afternoon December 10 after finishing my  five day Spanish lesson. I flew out five days early to attend to a potential furnace problem of one of my two furnaces in my large house. Everything is functioning fine presently. I have encountered a real problem with the Credomatic cash machines of Antigua, Guatemala. Right now my Key Bank debit card is going wild, even since my returning home. I have had my card on my person at all times. I actually have about $500.00 in the checking account left over but owe Key Bank $1,500.00 I do not owe them (plus owe them the $500.00 which is mine not theres) on withdrawels none I never made. All of this from the day I arrived in Guatemala from Honduras which was December 3, 2010. My actual withdrawels were on the Credomatic CAJER 06 and Credomatic CAJER 179 both located in the same room on the Antigua Guatemala zocalo and these I made the others no. The other Credomatic numbers are not CAJER machines and where in the 24,000 mile world they are located I do not know nor does Key Bank as they can not locate them. They should make a request to secure the cameras but say they do not do this, at least immediately? Even if they can locate the cash machine immediately they do not secure the cameras immediately. The day before coming home calling Key Bank I found out my account was being depleted to almost nothing. However my overdraw was turned on and I withdrew the standard for U.S. persons Q2,000 which is about $250.00. I have noticed in the non CAJER withdrawels standard withdrawels U.S. Q2000 ($250.00) plus some $20.00 and $30.00 withdrawels which U.S. persons never make but are the common withdrawel amounts of Guatemala natives. However although it looks suspicious primafaci, it is more probable no cash is coming out of these non CAJER machines. Key Bank is running it down. I had this happen some years earlier on a cash machine by the Aduana gate of Brownsville, Texas on the U.S. side. Where I got three provisions on the paper electronic account of cash - that never came out of the machine. However this was corrected. The second day in a spanisl lesson, later that evening of that day five gunmen walked in on Dr Rolando Torres Casenova at a well known Guatemala City Chinese restaurant with friends celebrating a birthday. Dr. Casenova was shot once in the leg and once in the left side of his body. A friend in the group was killed. Dr. Casenova is the brother in law of Guatemala president Alvaro Colum, the brother of the presidents wife Sandra Torres Casenova Colum. He serves as the Minister of water for the president and has probably saved more babies of breast milk infection than any person living from the earthquake fractured drinking water pipes and sewage pipes.  Two years ago more than half the beds in Guatemala hospitals were occupied by babies sick from their mothers breast milk, botulism the most dangerous,  their mothers drinking the city water. This situation is being remedied. Dr. Casenova has thrown his hat in the presidential election ring before. He would be a hard man to beat, if even possible.                                                                                                                   December 7, 2010  I am in Antigua, Guatemala taking five days four hours a day of individual Spanish instruction. I will fly back to New York State December 10, 2010.                                                                                    November 29, 2010. I am staying at the Hotel Mar Jennie Copan Ruinas, Honduras. I am not here to see the ruinas as I viewed them nearly 12 years ago. I went to the Department of Health here in Copan Ruinas this morning to plan a trip of a few day to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to visit the Biblioteca de Salud Publica located in he Government Department of Salud building the capital Honduras to be told 
it has been closed down". Thus that pursuit is no longer in question. In a few days I will head on to Antigua, Guatemala and take my usual individual instruction 7 hour a day 5 day a week Spanish lesson. I will return to Miami flying American Airlines from Guatemala City and from there to New York State. But you ask yourself the question has not Johnsown, N.Y. the twin city of Gloversville, N.Y. my home city had its bus route to the only Hospital in Fulton County N.Y. next to my home cut off because Johnstown refused to pay a few thousand dollars more and now it will cost the old people $15.00 a trip by taxi or more, some three times a week paying that rate of $15.00 to $20.00 each trip whereas before it cost them $1.20 each trip. They would have gladly paid increased increased difference in rate but it was too far to think for either Gloversville or Johnstown. They are ranked together as the poorist cities in New York State. I will fly home from Guatemala December 15.                                                                                                            It is November 25 2001. I arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras yesterday night. I am staying at the Hotel Gran Marina Emperador in Tegucigalpa for three days then to Copan and Tegucigalpa for one day to see if the Department of Heath has anything recent on chagas disease. Then on to Antigua, Guatemala for a week long individual instruction in Spanish, then return to the U.S. from San Pedro Sula. I was here in Sula in May of this year same hotel and traveled to the west hill country to look at a small amount of land to grow a few beef. I did not see any coffey land on the order of the land around Antigua, Guatemala. I want to retire here in Honduras or Guatemala with a small farm. I will be age 70 in one half year. I need to sell my house in New York State. It is assessed at $96,000.00. It is good property one block from the hospital by the country and three blocks from the golf course in a crime free area. There is a recession in the U.S. right now and buyers expect to pay 15% to 20% less than assessment for taxes. A sale of a beautifull infirmary for old people has just been made on that basis. The city of Gloversville sold it to a private concern for 15% under assessment. They wanted their 15% lop off due to the recession...... Something to avoid: at the same time the infirmary was sold another beautiful business office building was auctioned off. It had an assessment of $230,000.00 being worth much more but the final bid was $48,000.00. It sold thus at $48,000.00 the owners taking a huge loss. That is the way it goes at auction. It is a gamble. The reason the owners auctioned it is nobody wanted to buy it in the area. So they went afar. But Gloversville, New York is the poorest city in New York State. There are no businesses to rent business office space. The new owner will insulate the offices better but without unforseen events it will be years before they will be able to rent the offices at a profitable rental. Untill then it will be a loss to them even at the low augtion price they paid for it. However the infirmary business is boombing because people are getting older and there is Federal Social Security health insurance paying the infirmaries. However still the new owner wanted 15% taken off the $4,000,000.00 assessment because of the recession.                                                                                                                                        Things did not go well the evening before the plane. I could not get the furnace started on the east side of the house. That is the first that has happened. A new furnace. I left the big door of the divider open in the cellar so that the furnace in the west side could heat the east side of the house and the down to cellar door of the east side open so some heat could come up into it. I hope that will do untill December 15 when I fly home.                                                                                                                                                                                                           October 19, 2010  I have purchased my American Airlines ticket to Guatemala leaving October 3, 2010 and returning October 24, 2010. I will settle permanently in the Antigua, Guatemala area as soon as I sell my house. I want to grow a few beef there on farm land. Buy a small home and get a pretty young wife. The price  of my home in April will be $108,000. Right now it can be in vew that no houses are selling purchased for $78,000 but I am certain by April houses will be moving again at their fair prices. Mine is assessed for taxes at $97,000. Normally houses sell at ten percent over their assessment but not this year. They are selling for less but the tax assessments will not change any. Land is doing o.k. There was a devistating article in the capital district Albany N.Y. Times Union three weeks ago on the poor housing sale market. Everyone is packing their money away in banks waiting for the great financial depression of 1929 to happen when people on Wall St in NYC jumped out windows. It is psychological.  But maybe not. Meanwhile I have sold quite an amount of my country land and will sell more. People are buying their acre for their future new house if they are not buying a used house, but they are not buying the house yet, new or used. I have a new page on line at the top of my sub pages on the Madeleine McCann disappearance. I had a page on two years ago but deleted it with the official Portugal policia judiciaria report on the disappearance. The news media was not trustable. Now if Prensa Libre newspaper of Guatemala had covered the disappearance on site in Portugal it would have been. But all those hundreds of reporters in Praia Da Luz did was fake it. Besides sin of whiskey sours at the beach taking a free vacation one other reason is nobody can speak Portuguese. They can speak Spanish well enough to get their news feature but no one can speak Portuguese. I have been in Antigua Guatemala more than a dozen times beginning when the war there was in full swing. A year and one half ago walking down an Antigua back street coming my way was a horse carriage wagon, horse and driver and a little girl alone taking in the sights that was the perfection in looks of Madeleine McCann. I would guess her mother had put her on the wagon alone for a ride to emphasize she was not Madeleine McCann taken but her own daughter. It is unusual to see a five year old girl riding sight seeing alone. Per square mile there are more north Americans and Europeans in Antigua than any other place in the world. It is the second oldest city in the Americas.                                                                                                                           September 29  Late last week a devistating front page article in the Albany NY Times Union. Home sales are down more than 40 percent and that means actual sold at prices are down also. Gloversville N.Y. is part of the greater Albany area a 37.5 mile commute from the center of one to the center or the other, using the NYS Thruway. All Gloversville inner city factories are closed down presently making it the second largest recipient of welfare in terms of Fulton County the city it is located in in New York State. At the same time Gloversville unemployment rates are slightly below national average. My home is full assessed at $97,000 and most homes here in the $100,000 category are going currently 15-20 percent below their full assessment in actual sold at price. So I lowered my asking price from $102,000 to $78,000 yesterday. The only bright star near is Saratoga N.Y. and my home would go there in a month or two at $225,000. All  other stars are cities showing a temporary fade. I questioned whether to take it off the market until May 2011 but in view there is in the eastern NYS news various articles that so many people with a loved one with speial needare in desperate need to purchase a home next to a hospital I decided to leave it for sale as I am relocating to Guatemala for good and land to grow a few beef on is on parity with the decline of value in the U.S. I will not be making any gains or loses likely if I sell it for $102,000 or more in May 2011 given a positive trend. Perhaps lose a few dollars. So I am going to finish up on the house exterior in October-November and December-March do painting of woodwork, wallpapering, sanding of floors and a few other things  that need to be done in the interior. And put it back on the market at $102,000 or more beginning April or May 2011 and see what happens.                                                                                        It will not be on the market January-April 2011 but out of consideration of the exceptional demand for homes next to a hospital I will sell it for $78,000 untill the day before Christmas to those in special need or to anyone else.  Do not say I did not do anything for you. I think that is fair. It will not be for rent at any time. It is fix up and redecoration time. It is also  an economical 2 family home as the east side with the mahogany banister can rent for $950 - $1050 per month. Assessment is $97,000 and yearly taxes $4,600. Rents in Gloversville are not cheap. A 48 apartment project is being built for the low income and these will rent for $600 - $800 per month dependent on family size. My home is at 73 E State St and the Nathan Litauer Hospital, the only county hospital, at 99 E State St. I would like to go to Guatemala for the winter but that would mean cutting out an artfully closed off door from living room on the west side to mahogany banister hallway on the east side done by carpentry in the 1840's and I will never get it back if I do. This in case one of the two furnaces should go so there will not be pipe freeze up. I may go down to Guatemala for a month before the freeze up weather comes. .                                                                                                                 September 27 2010  I put on line yesterday a photo of a marina in a cove of the Great Sacandaga Lake. The marina is 3 1/2 miles east out the Gloversville N.Y. E State Street extension. My home is in the city at 73 E State St. Also I put on a photo of the Nathan Litauer Hospital, the only hospital in Fulton County and serving the county and a wide area of the Adirondack mountains beyond the county. In the background can be seen the first abrupt outcroping of the cold granite Adirondack mountains the greatest wilderness area in the United States. The hospital is located at 99 E State St one block east of my home. A secondary entrance is directly north of my home on Easterly St. My home is located at the corner of E State St and Easterly St.                                                                                                                    I am in the process of tearing up the west side of my house bathroom floor. It has nice floorboards under it in fine shape dating bact to 1840. What I may do is sand them and put a couple coats of shellac over them for the rustic appearance and use floor rugs. Doing it that way every year the floor should be shellaced as a preservative. It will look nice. The wood will last forever.                                                                                                       It is going towards elections. It all adds up to good future medical research and outcome. I have some political pages on.  On my medical research pages one area of medicine that has been at the top of page one Google search engine for five years is FLU  SOCIAL WORK and that category contains ten million sites of which mine occupies page one, top of page one, and has so reiterating five years. It is a hypothesis on the origin of the lethal strain of Spanish Flu called also Swine Flu, seen 1918-19. A hypothesis is a hypothesis. Should a billion people in the world die because my hypothesis is incorrect I hold no responsibility for it. This is not the case however as my hypothesis is correct. And the correct hypothesis - which I have developed - will save a billion lives. It should  be remembered that the atomic bomb before it went off was a hypothesis. My hypothesis is a cautiously constructed along thos lines. Functional and accurate.                                                                                                                            September 23 2010  Yesterday I contacted Fulton County Office For The Aging to get more help for my mother now 98 years and 3 months to reaching age 99. She has had a lapse into a feeble state in the last week. The nurses came over and decided to go from a helper two hours one day per week to a helper seven days a week, two hours per day Monday through Friday, and one hour on Saturday and one hour on Sunday. Three weeks ago at a check up her doctor, Dr. Glen, told her she might be in her last year. However she may still surge to a better state of health as many very old people do.                                                                                                     I have not had as much time to work on the house as I want but I just put the cap on the garage roof. All else now will take only a day as far as the garage is concerned. I have to sell the house before I purchase some land to grow a few beef in Guatemala. How better Guatamala is than here. Of my last 20 years I have spent two full years of it in Guatemala cumulatively beginning when the war was in full swing and love it there. As for here in Gloversville, N.Y. I do not know who it is for. It is not for me. My health is good. I have not seen a doctor in two decades. I still feel young, although age 69 and still have my brown hair although I do not know for how long. I have some land I own in the country nearby Gloversville and it has a public water and sewer line running along the road it is on to a New York State Prison, increasing its value. I think I will keep it. What I want most in life is to grow a few beef in the Guatemala high rain forest. My life is there. On every medical research subject I have undertaken, which is many within the past 11 years, I have arrived at page one on the Google general search engine and stayed on page one, which is the current picture. To get there I have done much that is dangerous outside of the Nation to get what I have and have it accurate. I am without question one of the United States ten thousand most valuable individuals. Medical research is a natural for me but not for most social workers. As far as other social work is concerned I know parole and related rehabilitative  in-institution work and not much more. My house which you see in the photo is assessed for taxes at $97,000 and I am asking $102,000 which is not far out of line and just about right. It is located one block from the hospital at 99 E State St., my home being at 73 E State St. People have been much in the news lately as not being able to find a home for a special need for a loved one next to a hospital where crime is not a problem. My home on the north east side of the Kingsboro avenue at the edge of the country is in a very safe area. For ten years I have been well known, and even adored in some nations. It has not gone to my head.                                                                                                           September 13  2010   I mowed the lawn today and am going to begin to secure the garage roof this afternoon with caps. I will be in Guatemala November 10 through December 10,  return then and keep on fix up inside of the house while at the same time it is for sale at $102,000, right now. Real estate is soaring in Gloversville N.Y. here on the edge of the Adirondack mountains and banks are spilling over with money harder to cap than the oil well spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An estimate is the average home sold at price will be over $110,000 by mid Fall 2010. The sold at price average October 2009 was $107,000.  Then the anticipation for a number of years of a gold room and raising of hopes with lack of substantiality caused a psychological depression which lowered average sold at home prices to $42,000 by spring of 2010, a preposterous selling price with no reason behind it except that people wanted to sell their homes on a months notice and were willing to accept the price of a new 48 foot 10 foot wide mobile trailer in another state with better employment. They wanted out as there was no end to the tunnel in sight. This year 2010 the waited for came true in the real dimension of loading peoples bank accounts with money. And the new trend is going to last, or for a long time. Reason a summer of excellent weather. And New York City people, Long Island people and New Jersey people have changed their routine and are here in the Adirondack mountains. Not on the French Rivera.                                                                                                              It is cool now good for working on my garage roof free of bees. If I left for Guatemala after Christmas staying untill April the snow that falls on my sidewalk the longest in the city, and snowfall unpredictability, presents a definet problem. Also the fact that my home is two family easily convertable into one family with cutting of a living room door artfully closed off before the Civil War with carpentry and removal of a second level petition. I do not want to do that as I could never get the carpentry back artfully to where it was, cutting to open the door.  The petition second floor presents much less concern. I would have to do this in case one of my two furnaces failed preventing freeze up while I was in Guatemala. Instead I will stay with my home selling it during the winter                                                                                                                                                    September 12  2010. It is on to Guatemala soon permanently and grow a few beef as well as continue my medical research in Latin America. I had disked to copy my New York State Master Social Work License, in view of my move to Guatemala, today, but Post Net did not get it in jpeg and in trying to put it on line at the top of my my home page to set it up for Guatemala non jpeg has knocked off inadvertantly a number of my web page photos. I will see if I can get Earth Link to correct this problem this evening. Probably they will be able to. My license will from now on appear at the top of my home page when I manage to get it on line. Post Net is holding my license to see if they can get it disked to jpeg tomorrow. My license expires May 31, 2011 and I will renew it from Guatemala. As well as my colonial home here in Gloversville, N.Y. which will be sold by then probably I own rural land here in Fulton County N.Y. I will not sell.                                                                                                                August 31 2010    I have raised the price of my home back to $102,000.00. It is one block from the hospital out here near the  Gloversville N.Y. country and one block from a large dairy barn, not functioning, but on which there is good upkeep on. My home is located at 73 East State Street Gloversville N.Y. and the Hospital at 99 East State Street  Gloversville N.Y. East of my home on the E State St extension exactly 3 miles is a boat works on the huge Great Sacandaga Lake holder of the world record northern pike. Big sturdy Georgian features Colonial homes are in demand and particularly those next to a hospital but you have to range way out advertising to find a buyer. I am told at auction advertizing way out to the 50 mile perimeter radius 360 degrees from the Albany N.Y. capital commuting district a lot of people will relocate for my home. It will go somewhere between $100,000.00 and $115,000.00, more than that sold privately, not auctioned. I am new to the real estate business and know nothing about it. The average sold at home in Gloversville N.Y. now goes for about $50,000.00 in actual selling price. It is no different than the average NYS home in the area surrounding which sells for about $100,000.00 these figures from the national U.S. realitors association MLS portal. The average Gloversville home was climbing towards the national average and was above $100,000 Fall of 2009 and then dropped in terms of its sold at value to half and has remained there. This despite the unemployment rate in Gloversville is slightly under the national average. It makes no sense. There is no reason for the drop. The Tri sister of Gloversville Amsterdam N.Y. has not dropped at all. No one is seeing any city in this abnormal drop in New York State but Gloversville N.Y. There is a possible scandal surfacing in Gloversville and Fulton County New York (Amsterdam is in Montgomery County)  being consultants for Fulton County have received four million in bonuses and no one can account as to who approved them.  The area Rooney report on Gloversville late February 2010 also took the city and Fulton County down to the bottom. Where it remains. Thus my home is in good demand because it is one block from Fulton Counties only hospital plus is a Colonial. For no other reason. I have decided not to put it on the market untill November 1 2010. And not at auction. After Christmas I will go to Guatemala for the winter leaving it in the hands of a realitor at $132,000.00 if it is not sold untill I return in April 2011. I want to buy a small farm in Guatemala right now and grow beef. To sell the house in November or December 2010 would be most opportune. To reiterate it will not be for sale before November 1 2010. I don't like to be mean but housing here is in an extrordinary glut. And homes are being bought up as presents. That is no good.                                                                                                                     August 20 2010  My oldest son Mark was over again a few weeks ago. He has learned he has inherited a house along with his two younger brothers that sits about a mile above Seneca Lake in western New York State.  My two younger sons live in the western U.S. and want to sell the house fast for $50,000.00. However it is worth more than $50,000.00. He has a different price in mind. Not much goes in terms of homes at that low a price around Seneca Lake. The Fulton County employment rate is 9.3% and the Senaca County N.Y. unemployment rate is 7.2%. These County unemployment rates greatly influence home prices. 7.1% unemployment will not call for home price reduction rates nearly as much as a 9.3% unemployment rate in Fulton County, N.Y.   A chicken coup with a Seneca Lake water frontage goes for $300,000.00. Being a mile from the like on the hill it has no such water frontage. However it is very scenic, peaceful and crime free being in the country. In terms of my own house for sale Gloversville N.Y. in Fulton County I dropped my price on it from $112,000.00 to $88,000.00 a few days ago. I went intensively into the National Realitors MLS Portal - I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University - and factoring out skewness found the sold at price for Gloversville, N.Y. for a home the last spring month year 2010 with significant figures available, was average $47,000.00. Compare this to October 2009 when the average sold at price was  $107,000.00 for Gloversville, N.Y. In addition to 9.2% unemployment Gloversville has the additional problem that its factories are closed down necessitating commuting by very many to the Albany N.Y. capital capital district 40 miles distance for work at average commute cost of $725.00 per month. It is a double burden. Summer figures are not available for Gloversville but using the portal chart projecting a  Gloversville downward trend I came up, using scientific business management, of a average sold at home figure Gloversville, N.Y. for August 2010 of 10% under assessment versus spring figures for 2010 available, at right on the line at assessment value. Thus I reduced my home from $112,000.00 a few days ago to $88,000.00 which is 10% below its assessment value of $97,000.00 to stay with real Gloversville sold at prices. It will not go any lower than 10% below assessment here in Gloversville, N.Y. Gloversville is on the 2 mile line of the northern Adirondack mountains lake lands of N.Y.S. Example the huge Great Sacandaga Lake holder of the world record Northern Pike and a boat works is eactly a three mile drive from my home at 73 E State St and the hospital at 99 E State St, going east down State St extension. Additionally Gloversville being that near to the mountains has choice timbers not picked over. However its industrial position is only D+.  $88,000.00 is the absolue sale price of my house. I will not sell it one dollar less than $88,000.00, nor come spring year 2011 sell it at $112,000.00 or more should the trend go bact to where it was October 2009.                                                                                                               Nice things cost money. My house is a nice thing. When December 2010 comes and I have not sold it at $88,000.00 I wil put it to sleep and go for the winter to Guatemala with a peaceful feeling my stratagy is the right strategy.                                                                                                                              It is July 22, 2010 I have b